What to Watch: Tues, May 22

The season finale of Glee features the graduation ceremony for its high school characters, leaving the show's actors and viewers with questions about the future

Credit: Global & Fox

Glee’s season finale will finally see the McKinley High class of 2012 graduate

Glee (Season Finale)
9 p.m., Global & Fox
As this musical series brings its third season to an end, the future of many of its characters hang in the balance as the McKinley High’s class of 2012 prepare for graduation — which is about time, considering most of those “kids” look like they’re pushing 30.

Civilization: The West and the Rest With Niall Ferguson
5 p.m., WTVS; 8 p.m., KCTS
Based on his best-selling book of the same name, historian Niall Ferguson attempts to run down the philosophical and political highlights of Western civilization over the past 500 years in this two-part documentary that starts in 15th-century China.

Dancing With the Stars (Season Finale)
9 p.m., CTV & ABC
Expect an array of special guest stars and musical performances during this two-hour results show in which host Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke Charvet wait until the very end of the show to tell us who won.

9 p.m., CBS
In this two-part rerun (shown back-to-back tonight), the NCIS team is called in to investigate the terrorist bombing of an airplane bringing back the bodies of soldiers killed in action by the Taliban. When DNA evidence leads them to believe one of the soldiers is missing, their investigation leads them all the way back to Afghanistan.

The L.A. Complex
9 p.m., The CW
After recording a vocal on a new single, Abby is threatened by Tariq’s boyfriend, who fears she’ll reveal their private relationship. Meanwhile, Alicia’s first day in the porn industry makes her think it’s way more glamorous than it actually is.

America’s Got Talent
9 p.m., Citytv & NBC
Howard, Howie and Sharon check out the Big Apple talent pool as the NYC auditions continue.

Winnipeg Comedy Festival
9:30 p.m., CBC
Highlights from this year’s festival include performances by Bruce Clark, Rob Ross, Brian Hartt and the legendary comedian — and Winnipeg native — David Steinberg, who these days is better known as director of TV shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm.