Dinner Party Ideas – Invite Only Men

Here's an easy way to give your social life a boost: ease into entertaining with a no-fuss meal for the men in your life

Credit: Flickr/osakasteve

Revitalize your social life by inviting some men over for dinner – mamushka optional

Here’s an idea that will surely kick your social life into high gear: have a dinner party for the men in your life

Have you always wanted to have the kind of life you imagine they do in French and Italian villages: the circle of friends around the long candlelit table, the bottles of wine and pieces of baguette, the sharing and laughing late into the night?

Me too. But what with our busy lives, our less-than-perfect places and our sometimes tight circumstances, it can be a struggle to find the time and energy to make entertaining a priority.

Dinner Parties are Easy when it’s Men Only

If it’s been a while since you entertained, or if you’re only now starting to invite people over, why not break the ice with a men-only dinner party? Whether men really do or don’t live up to gender stereotypes isn’t the point. The point is you’ll think they do. And you’ll have an easier entertaining vibe because of it.

Invite Men, Serve Meat, and Ignore the Dirt

We all think men are happy with a hunk of meat and oblivious to the dust bunnies in the corners. So instead of stressing about the condition of the guest bathroom or the ingredients for the flan, you’ll give your place a lick and a promise, throw a meatloaf in the oven, rustle up a salad and call it dinner.

(An apple crisp for dessert, with vanilla ice cream, can bake while you eat and will fill the house with wonderful, men-friendly aromas).

Who to Invite to Your Men-Only Dinner

Don’t invite only guys you know have always liked you, but for whatever reason you’ve done nothing about it. Don’t invite only your gay friends – they’re a ton of fun, but you won’t feel quite as at ease about your housekeeping lapses and kitchen shortcuts. And don’t make it a party of exes, unless you want to be the roast when they all start comparing notes.

Instead, mix it up, with guys you like, guys who might like each other, and guys who are there just because. And if you’re inviting only the male half of a couple, promise your female friend she’ll be next.

Once you see how easy entertaining can be, you just may want to have the gals over next.