Food Network Seeks Vancouver Foodies for Recipe Competition

Dust off your cookbooks and put on your best smile for the Food Network's Recipes to Riches competition

Credit: Courtesy of Temple Taste Productions

Do you have the best cookie recipe the world’s ever seen?

It’s time to exploit family secrets for a shot at the foodie hall of fame


If you are the guardian of Grandma’s super-top secret gumbo recipe or the creator of the crazily chewy quadruple chocolate cookie, this is your chance to shine. The new reality TV show, Recipes to Riches, is conducting a nationwide hunt for the best home-chefs and their best recipes.


The casting call for Vancouver will be on February 12, 2011, so you have a few weeks to get your recipe and your patter down pat. (If you need someone to critique or “dispose” of practice batches, the team at Granville Online are happy to be of service.)


Recipes to Riches culinary categories

Competitors will compete in one of seven categories of recipes:


· Appetizers

· Sweet & Savoury Snacks (including squares, bars, cookies, tarts, clusters, brittle and crisps)

· Cakes (including cheesecakes)

· Sweet Pies (including cobblers, crisps and crumbles)

· Savoury Pies (including shepherd’s pie, meat pies, pizza)

· Entrées (freezable)

· Frozen Treats (including ice cream, sorbet, gelato)


The winner of each category will win $25K and have their recipe developed by President’s Choice to be sold in selected Loblaw grocery stores across the country. From there, they’ll go on to battle it out against the other categories for the title of King Cook, Supreme Ruler of Recipes and the big prize of $250,000. (N.B. the titles King Cook & Supreme Ruler of Recipes are conferred by me and have no monetary value or prestige).


My inside sources are predicting that freezable entrees will be the least populated culinary category (i.e., you’ll have the best chance of winning the $25,000).


Tried and true recipe for reality TV


1 food developer

1 food marketer

1 foodie

1 celebrity

Contestants (to taste)



Combine the first three ingredients until they form a loose panel. Let this panel sit (in judgement) until two-thirds of the mixture form warm bubbly natures. The remaining third should be slightly bitter. Add the celebrity presenter (yet to be announced). This is one of the highly identifiable features but is in fact mostly just for garnish. Sprinkle liberally with hopeful, lovable contestants.


Dates, locations and registration information

The casting call comes to town on February 12. I’ll add the location once it’s been confirmed, so check back here or on twitter (@reasonableguy). In the meantime, register yourself at and start tweaking your technique. 


Details of the competition rules are also available on the website. The show will be airing on the Food Network in the fall.