New classification for food and ‘edible foodlike substances’

The Western Diet is killing us.

Credit: flickr / Outsanity Photos

Junk food is easy to recognize right?

The word ‘food’ doesn’t have a place in the Western Diet


Sometimes when I realise that the “food” I’m holding is more chemical than food I feel like Saul as the scales fell from his eyes, or Neo waking up from the Matrix (or the Meatrix). Food technology and fabrication has reached a pretty advanced level. This, combined with our acceptance of these products means that the term food now covers an incredible vast array.


Sure, we demarcate some as “junk food” or “fast food” but there is so much more that looks like healthy food but that is only classed as food because we allow it to be. 


Michael Pollan calls these items “edible foodlike substances”; items that have come so far from their ancestors but still resemble them. We still credit these products with all the health benefits they used to possess before we started messing with them. Just like we picture farms has happy green fields E-I-E-I-O.


Why mess with my food?

As with most things, it comes down to money. A product that doesn’t go off means smaller losses. Similarly, products created on a base of corn or soya extract to resemble real foods are much cheaper to create (and at a consistent price and quality) meaning greater profits.


What’s wrong with these foodlike substances?

On their own they’re not going to kill you, but if you take a look around at you friends who have cardiovascular or cholesterol issues, type 2 diabetes, or who are obese you’ll see that we’re part way down the slippery slope already. There is no “right” diet, but the so-called “Western Diet” is definitely the wrong one. Google “western diet” or “Weston Price” to open your eyes to some shocking facts and research about the implications.