Sweet and Savoury: Kitchen Culinaire

Video: A cooking lesson provides a tasty venue for Lara and Zoe to explore the role of food in family traditions

Lara and Zoe take a cooking lesson to learn the finer art of strengthening family bonds over a good meal

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Video Synopsis

The flavors and textures we encounter in our childhood linger in our memory. My mother was not a great cook, in fact my neighbors used to call us the shake and bake Kroekers since a good portion of our meals could be created in 2 minutes or less.

But no matter how long a meal took to cook we were required to sit at the table eating until we were excused. Lasagna was a staple dish and was made with only ground beef, onion and cheese. Our family would often sit for hours around the kitchen table talking about boyfriends and school while mopping up the last bits of sauce with our garlic bread.
Lasagna and Shake and Bake will always remind me of my childhood home and I often wonder what I will pass on to Zoe, what dishes will remind her of home.

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Lara is the co-founder of Randomlink Interactive Inc. She is equally at home in front of the camera and on the road. As a child, she acted in a weekly television series, and regularly accompanied her tour host/organizer mother on international travels. Travel is in her blood, and Hit the Road builds on her previous travels with her daughter Zoe – including three months they spent travelling together across Africa when Zoe was six years old. Hit the Road has been up for two Webbies with previous episodes, “The Lost Cowgirl” and “Fishing for Time.”