Vegan beware

Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it is sustainable.

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Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it is sustainable

Many vegan “meats” and substitutes can be: highly processed, involving tremendous amounts of energy and fresh water to produce; non-local, requiring huge volumes fuel to transport and emitting tons of CO2; sodium-rich, putting pressure on your heart, arteries and kidneys; and often contain genetically modified (GM) soy, which not only has been linked to long-term health problems but has a negative impact on the integrity of crop species and diversity, not to mention the marginalization of small farms.

Also, I made the mistake the first time around as a vegetarian of not complementing my proteins with a grain. Meat is a complete protein on its own, beans are not. In order for vegans to get the sufficient number of amino acids in their diet, a dish of beans, legumes, lentils or nuts should be paired with whole grain bread, barley, rice, quinoa (my favourite!), couscous or whatever other grain you can think of.

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It doesn’t need to be simultaneous though; as long as you have both at some point during the same day, your body can do the math to come up with the nine essential amino acids it needs.

A great resource for going meatless is Frances Moore Lappe’s Diet for a Small Planet, which offers a complete guide to vegetarian and vegan eating, with meal plans, recipes and interesting commentary on why eating meat-free is better for the planet.

Another great way to learn more about veganism is through Twitter. Find like-minded tweeps by searching Twitter for “#vegan” and/or follow these vegans and vegetarians in British Columbia: @mojaveband@bettieboudoir, @tothewestside, @liberationbc, @kdot, @stephenhui. Tweet @granvillemag to add yourself name to this list, or leave a comment below with your Twitter handle.

Also, here’s a handy reference I found on for making sure your vegan diet is well-balanced.

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