5 Tips for Your Best Sleep Ever

Say good night to tossing and turning and become the sleep guru you've always wished to be

Say good night to tossing and turning and become the sleep guru you’ve always wished to be

A good night’s sleep helps with day-to-day life, keeping your energy levels up and even helping to curb your appetite. “Use your bed for sleeping and sex only,” advises sleep expert Natasha Turner.

Prepping for a restful slumber is important. Screen time, like scanning social media and checking emails, stimulates dopamine (the hormone for motivation). Screens away well before you tuck in! Single-tasking, however, like meditating, journaling or light reading, stimulates serotonin and helps you sleep. Another great tip is to create calming bedtime rituals, like taking a hot bath, shower or sauna. My friend Catherine Roscoe Barr from The Life Delicious has a whole list of morning and evening rituals to consider on the road to becoming an expert sleeper.

While I’m unwinding, I enjoy the relaxing aroma that comes from my Saje Ultrasonic Diffuser. It makes my whole space more conducive to sleep. Some essential oils that are particularly relaxing include clary sage, lavender and cedarwood. Next I boil a pot of Sleepytime tea. It’s important to hydrate your body before it rests for—hopefully—eight hours. You can also try taking some magnesium before bed as it’s well known for its ability to relieve insomnia. And, when the weather is chilly, my Fireside Slipper Socks by Blush Peony are perfect for a calming, cozy treat.

With this perfected ambiance, let’s talk about the perfect platform: your bed, sheets, pillows and blankets…

1. Make your bed cozy

Your bed is critical to a good sleep. For a stylish and unique bed frame, I love Mobilia pieces, which can be counted on for quality design. And then there’s the mattress…

Offering different features, price points and detailing, three mattresses on the market are equally amazing: Casper (the Wave mattress is to die for), Leesa (which donates one mattress for every ten they sell) and Endy (Canadian made and unbelievably comfortable). Endy mattresses are even shipped right to your door in a box that’s the same size as a hockey bag! (How much more Canadian can you get?) All three of these companies have excellent return policies and allow you to test out the feel of their products.

2. Find the perfect pillow

A pillow is a very personal choice. Weight, firmness, size and feel will all vary based on the way you sleep, your neck/back and your level of comfort. I can’t live without the Endy pillow, whereas my boyfriend swears by the Casper pillow. Each Endy pillow comes with excess bamboo charcoal memory foam, allowing customers to customize. (And, if you’re looking to pretty up your pillows, I’m crazy about these Pom Pom at Home shams.)

3. Between the sheets

Endy has made luxurious sweet dreams a reality for all of us, with sheets that are super soft and wrinkle-resistant. They’re the perfect combination of durability and incredible comfort.

Another sheet brand that I can always count on is Wayfair, as they truly combine fashion with function.

For a green option, I’m a huge fan of the bamboo sheets from Maholi and made entirely from bamboo fibres… in Canada. I love how comforting the natural fibres are on your skin.

4. Supplement your sleep

If you are having severe issues falling asleep, help is not far away. I highly recommend paying a visit to Polo Health and Longevity Centre in New Westminster, where experts on-site can test your cortisol and other hormone levels. (Balancing your hormones could be key to getting the extra sleep that you need.) For those located downtown, wellness, vitamin and naturopathy-related questions can be answered by the lovely ladies at The IV Wellness Boutique. I also love to take an Omega-3 supplement from Sea-licious. When you feel better throughout the day, your sleep is better in the evening. (Always remember to talk to your doctor before starting any natural or holistic supplements.)

5. Stock up on slumber party essentials

Last—but certainly not least—is your sleepwear… or lack thereof (because you have to be comfortable after all). Light and comfortable sleepwear is a necessity for me, so I adore the “All Is Calm” sleep tee from the Sugar Plum Sisters. It’s incredibly breathable, made of 95 percent bamboo and five percent spandex.

To enrich my sleep atmosphere, I usually burn a natural candle before bed (no toxins in my house please!) Canvas Candle Company has so many selections that will please your senses and contribute to an optimal sleep set-up. To transform my room into a forest oasis, I always burn my Woodlot Cascadia Candle. Another option I find particularly relaxing is the Aveda Light the Way Candle, with its inviting, therapeutic scent.

Now you’re ready to embark on a rewarding—and relaxing—journey to a better night’s sleep. The most important thing is to find out what works best for you. After focusing on my sleep, I’ve realized that my mood, productivity, general health and relationships have improved. So take to bed… and enjoy sweet dreams.