How to Clean Your House Efficiently

Dirt devils, dust bunnies and other creatures of the neglected back corners don’t stand a chance when you clean your house the efficient (and easier!) way  

Credit: Flickr/Marc Kjerland

Flickr/Marc Kjerland

Cleaning house sucks, but there are ways to do it faster

Chores. Ever since Mom stood in the doorway yelling at us to clean up our rooms, it seems, we’ve gone glumly to the dirty dishes, dusty shelves and scattered floors of our lives – if not ignoring them altogether. There’s got to be a better way to clean your house

Efficiency experts and those who clean for a living know tried-and-true methods for getting homes cleaner fast.

Here, the best tips to get your place spruce in no time at all.

Smart and Fast House Cleaning Tips

1. Go from top to bottom. Dusting the top of your bookcase after you’ve cleaned the floor means you’ll have to do the floor again. On windows, do one side horizontal and the other vertical so you don’t waste time re-wiping the clean side.
2. Take your tools with you. House cleaners tote everything along, because they know going back for cleanser or a rag wastes valuable time. Get into a room, clean it, then get out.
3. Use the right tools for the job. Plenty of experts swear by simple, cheap home remedies like baking soda and vinegar, but there’s a vocal Windex brigade in the other corner, too. Just make sure to keep any chemical cleansers you choose far from babies and pets.
4. Assign an area or task to everybody. Even the youngest family members can clear clutter. (Check out these tips on how to get your kids to do chores).
5. Set a deadline. Invite folks over if you can’t shame yourself into cleaning any other way. Or make it a habit to do your chores the same day each week.
6. Create routines. Bust clutter before you leave the house – a return to a serene space is wonderfully soothing. Or take Apartment Therapy’s advice to do dishes immediately after meals.

Get even more cleaning tips from a former cleaner here. Want to preserve the shine? Lots of sites offer 15-minute daily cleaning lists. And try this cleaning website for more specifics on how to clean anything.