Vancouverites Say Hi to Make the City Friendlier

Can slapping on a nametag make it easier to make friends in the city? A group of Vancouverites set out to find out

Credit: Matt Gauthier

Vancouverites made the city more friendly on February 8 during Say Hi Vancouver

Vancouver may have a reputation for being unfriendly, but Say Hi Vancouver is setting out to change that

Many people say Vancouver can be a difficult place to meet new people and make friends. Shelley Koorbatoff has experienced that for the last two years, but she wants to change that.

On February 8 she organized “Say Hi Vancouver”  to encourage Vancouverites to say hello those they encounter along their daily commute. To ease that process, she handed out name tags as a way for Vancouverites to be more approachable.

Her team members, Eileen and Andi, got a first-hand experience, below, at what it can be like trying to approach people and say hello on the streets of Vancouver. What do you think? Is Vancouver an unfriendly city?