From its benefits to its sources, collagen is the topic of many discussions, so here are three skin care considerations for your research

Garden1"There's much discussion around collagen, from its benefits to differences among sources. In work as a naturopathic physician, I am offered the opportunity to clear up some of this confusion with clients and patients, by clarifying that collagen contains essential proteins the human body needs to rebuild tissues. It supports a broad range of systems including skin, muscles, bone, hair, tendons and cartilage," explains Dr. Kaleigh Anstett, ND.

The real challenge is that from around the age of 30, the body's natural collagen production begins to decline, soas much as we are what we eatcollagen can often be a deficiency in even the most healthy, balanced diet.

The glue that holds us together

Garden5Described as 'the glue that holds us together', collagen is a protein that is a significant building block in our connective tissues. When recommending collagen in my professional practice (or for my own use), I prefer the Garden of Life product offering. One of the big incentives? These products don't include additional fillers and sugars.

Finding the perfect fit

Garden3Many clients follow specific diets, sowith the Keto and Paleo certification for the Garden of Life collagen products, we know that even the bovine collagen is genuinely grass-fed and traceable. Additionally, IGEN certification means that the products don't include genetically modified materials, antibiotics or added hormones.

No pill to swallow

Garden7As a bonus, collagen peptides are easily digestible in powder form, and can be added to a smoothie, snacks or even baking. Really easy to use, and—owing to this ease—they will indeed be used often!

Garden of Life offers clean, sustainable, ethical and highly effective collagen products; something that we can all feel good about in our hair, skin and bones.