Erin Sousa, owner and creative director at Sparkle Media, shares what a day in her busy life takes

Erin Working

As a business owner and a blogger, no two days in my business are the same, and that’s exactly how I like it. Since my company, Sparkle Media, is a visual marketing company that focuses on digital, I’m always plugged in. I work with my clients to develop compelling visual content, from strategy to styling to photography, to tell a brand story that’s sure to get noticed.

From uploading my client images, to connecting with them online over Skype, to spending time blogging, my entire day is spent connected to the web. If I have a sluggish connection, my job is that much slower, making the daily grind of creating and collaborating on content incredibly challenging.



When I wake up, the first thing I do is grab my iPhone—and so my connectivity begins. I get started with work right in bed, which I enjoy since it’s super comfy and cozy. I scan my emails for anything super urgent so I can respond right away, and then I open Instagram to post client content. Clients expect their images to be posted on time, so the last thing I need is a bottleneck caused by slow upload speeds. That’s also why I love apps like Later and Planoly since I can prep images and captions well in advance.



Time to make a coffee and turn on Apple Music to help get me energized for the day. Nobody likes spending time waiting for a song to buffer, so having a fast connection is great. After the one-two punch of music and caffeine amps me up, I’ll sit at my desk and adjust my tunes to suit my task and keep me focused.




No matter what I have going on during the day, I’ll get right to it. Today I’m shooting some blog and Instagram content. First, I’ll style some frames, then I’ll shoot them with my Canon. Once I have what I need, I’ll transfer them over wifi, edit as needed, then upload them to Dropbox.

Upload speeds are important when archiving (very) high-resolution photos to the cloud. It ensures they process quickly, without compromising the speed of your other programs. This is especially important in my industry since I’m always working on multiple projects at any given time. I need to be able to keep working no matter what I — or any other family member — happen to be uploading or downloading at the same time. In my business, sharing bandwidth isn’t an option.



Today I have a Skype meeting with a client in Portland; we’re discussing our 2017 marketing strategy, and since she’s sent me a large file via email, I need to download it quickly, all while my morning images upload to Dropbox. If the Internet superhighway gets clogged, it can be really frustrating.

Anyone who works on their computer all day has faced a similar situation; having equally fast upload and download speeds, such as those offered through the TELUS PureFibre™ network is so important. My colleagues who have TELUS PureFibre™ can upload and download at 150mbps, meaning they can stream music, video chat and download and upload their photos, all at lightning fast speeds. Plus, any client meetings can continue without a glitch.

Sparkle Media



After all my client work is finished, I finally have some time do a little blogging. Depending on how seamlessly I was able to work online, this might be later in the work day than I would have liked, but putting in the extra hours is all part of running your own business.

With my copy written and my images uploaded to Dropbox, I download it all onto my laptop. Then, I upload the post onto my blog. The faster the blog is uploaded, the sooner I can hit publish and wrap up my day, so I’m anxious to get them slotted in.

When you spend your days connected to your devices, a fast connection with equally fast upload and download speed makes all the difference. TELUS PureFibre™ is expanding their network to select areas across B.C. and Alberta, bringing the opportunity to upload and download content like never before. For someone like me, that means less time waiting and more time enjoying a different kind of connectivity: namely, sinking into the couch for a Netflix binge.