With smart, new trends shared constantly, TikTok offers amazing product recommendations

The power of TikTok is irresistible, especially with skin care and beauty content, which is constantly being updated by Gen Zers eager to share products and techniques. This social media app has become an entertaining (and valid) source for witnessing the birth of trends, and some lucky brands are cashing in to the point of having products sold out several times over. 

If you’re on TikTok, chances are high that you’re part of the “I saw it, I bought it” club. Who can resist when products are being demonstrated and reviewed in real time by makeup artists, influencers and largely regular people (i.e. not sponsored)? With genuinely authentic endorsements easily spotted, TikTok offers a great place to discover trends online.

If you haven’t already bought them, here are a few favourites you’ve been missing out on...

1. Dewy Glow Jelly Cream by Innisfree, $32

InnisfreeInnisfreeThere are a lot of people who can claim, “Mikayla made me buy it”. Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylanogueira) is a makeup artist and social media influencer, with more than nine million fans on TikTok alone. Ever since posting earlier this year about the incredible glow she gets from Innisfree’s Dewy Glow Jelly Cream, the product has sold out in three different markets, with legions of followers trying to replicate the radiance she got from this product. It’s got a bouncy texture and is infused with cherry blossom leaf extract from trees on Jeju Island in South Korea, which bloom only once a year. This makes for an excellent primer under makeup. Those with dry/dehydrated skin will want to layer another moisturizer with this. Those with oily/combination skin will love how lightweight this is. Either way, the glow is real.
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2. UFO 2 by Foreo, $349

ForeoForeoTagged as “a beauty spa in the palm of your hands”, the UFO 2 is a Swedish-born smart mask treatment device that combines with Korean-made masks to provide effective, high-tech facials at home in seconds. And TikTok has gone crazy over this device. You’ll need to download the app for this, which will then guide you on your facial journey, which will consist of a little (comfortable) heat, a little cooling, T-sonic pulsations at tension points and full-spectrum LED light therapy. It’s astonishing what this tiny device can do and millions of TikTokkers as well as thousands and thousands of reviewers on other platforms agree that it’s absolutely worth the steep price tag. 
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3. Shave Cream by Eos, $3.99

eos,eosWhen Carly Joy (@killljoyy) declared her love for Eos’s shave cream on TikTok last spring, her 15 seconds of fame eventually led to 19.5 million views. Eos directly credits Carly’s viral TikTok post with a 25-times order growth of shave cream on their website as well as a 450-times increase in website visits for shave products. As a result of the video, Eos sold 150,000 bottles of shave cream in just one week (across all retails). Why the love? Carly swears it’s the best because it can be used wet or dry.
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4. Nudies Blush in Moodie Blu by Nudestix, $37

NudestixNudestixIf you’ve heard of “that purple blush” you can thank Rachel Rigler (@rachelrigler). Her simple query, “Thoughts on purple blush?” while applying Nudestix’s Nudies Blush in Moodie Blu, a vibrant blue-based purple stick blush, went viral and sent #purpleblush into the stratosphere. Perhaps it’s just nice to see something so vibrant on our faces after a few years of masks. Perhaps it’s just a happy colour during a difficult time. Whatever the reason, it’s resonated with a lot of people and purple blush is here to stay. It’s also versatile. Don’t be intimidated by the deep aubergine colour in the tube. On the skin, it translates to a deep berry flush that works equally well on lips and eyes. 
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5. Hair Blow Dryer Brush by Amika, $130

AmikaAmikaFor the legions on social media who aspire to look salon-fresh 24/7, this blow dryer brush has significantly upped their selfie game. This device is a hair dryer-and-brush-in-one tool, meaning you can actually replicate a blowout at home by yourself. This device imparts incredible shine to the hair, making it delightfully smooth and tidy, even if you’re just combing it through to dry your hair. It’s got a hefty barrel, so this is definitely best for those with medium-length to long hair.
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6. Shine Loud High Shine Lip Color by NYX, $15


This budge-proof lip stain is so popular on TikTok it’s near impossible to credit an original creator for starting the love fest. Its universal obsession is all over social media and there are hundreds of clips on TikTok of people applying this product then testing its longevity by immediately eating greasy foods or trying to smear it off—to no effect. This stuff won’t budge once it’s on. It’s no wonder it has sold out everywhere. If you can get your hands on one, simply apply the lip colour and let it dry. Then follow up with the clear gloss, which will seal in the colour while moisturizing your lips.
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7. Magnetic Lashes by Ardell, from $12.99

ArdellArdellThere’s nothing TikTok loves more than a dramatic before and after, and these magnetic faux lashes provide instant gratification and transformation. Just slick the magnetic eyeliner onto the lash line, wait for it to dry, then drop the lashes in place, which will magnetize themselves to the eyeliner. Don’t be afraid to double up on the eyeliner if you feel the lashes aren’t secure. 
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8. JetPeel Facial, $269

JetPeelJetPeelWith a name like “JetPeel”, TikTok was bound to obsess over this facial. Its name refers to the jet stream-based skin care system that delivers deep, non-invasive and pain-free treatments with a wand device that shoots out three super-fine jets of nutrient-rich solutions. It’s essentially like giving your face a power wash. There are four steps involved: lymphatic drainage, exfoliation, actives and, lastly, a booster. The protocols are wide-ranging and can target issues from hyperpigmentation to rosacea to acne. This is a results-based facial, so don’t expect a relaxing treatmentit’s loud, it’s prickly when the jets are blasting your skin and it’s very cold. On this last point, if you’re someone who gets cold easily, consider wearing a long-sleeve top with scoop neck (the esthetician will treat your neck and upper chest, so keep these areas clear), along with comfy lounge pants and socks. But the results are immediate and you absolutely will be leaving with glowing skin.
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