From celebs on the red carpet to a heavenly finale, we round up the top 10 shows to watch this week

1. Vir Das: For India – Sunday, January 26th, Netflix

1. Vir Das: For IndiaNetflixVir Das initially gained mainstream recognition as the first Indian comedian to score a standup special on Netflix. Now that he’s on his third such outing, you’d think that these things would be old hat for him, but when you’re a rib tickler, you’re always faced with the challenge of coming up with new material. Thankfully, Das had plenty of time to conjure up some new funny stuff while he was part of Jestination Unknown, a comedy-travel-reality series produced for Amazon Prime Video.

His latest Netflix special, For India, finds the man once more tapping into his heritage: per a press release, Das takes the audience “on a celebratory journey through the history of India, from its people and traditions to modern culture and famous films.”

2. Grammy Red Carpet – Sunday, January 26th, 4 p.m., CBS

2. Grammy Red CarpetCBSIn terms of awards shows, there are four that really seem to matter to celebrities: the Oscars, Tonys, Emmys and Grammys. So when the latter awardaganza goes down at the Staples Center in Los Angeles this week, you can bet your best Louis Vuitton bag that the stars are going to be pret-a-porting their A-list duds. That means we can look forward to a whack of fantastic frocks and sweet, suave suits, the tastefulness and suitability of which will be dissected during the annual red carpet rollout.

Join ET’s Kevin Frazier and Keltie Knight as they interview all the big names either nominated for trophies or presenting them. After you’ve gorged yourself on all that glitz and glam, the real action kicks off inside the arena at 5 p.m.

3. Shameless – Sunday, January 26th, 8 p.m., Crave1 | Season Finale

3. ShamelessCrave1Season 10 comes to a close as Lip tries to keep Tami from leaving Chicago, Debbie makes some changes in her love life, Kev and V have different takes on Kev’s new business and Liam “out-Gallaghers” his old man. The Windy City family dysfunction will wrap up in an 11th and final season next year.

4. The L Word: Generation Q – Sunday, January 26th, 10 p.m., Crave1 | Season Finale

4. The L Word: Generation QCrave1When The L Word first debuted back in 2004, it was credited with breaking new ground in terms of gay representation in popular culture. So anticipation was understandably high for this follow-up series starring several of the same main characters, but also a host of new ones, reflecting the LGBTQ+ landscape as it exists today.

Though not quite the zeitgeist-grabbing hit its forebear was, Generation Q has been received well enough for U.S. network Showtime to greenlight a second season. So settle in for this finale secure in the knowledge that the GQ gang will be back next year.

Tonight, things get tense for Bette and Dani as they await the results of the former’s hard-fought mayoral election, Shane and Quiara stare down a “difficult challenge” and Alice makes a bold move on her talk show.

5. Next in Fashion – Wednesday, January 29th, Netflix | Series Premiere

5. Next in FashionNetflixCalling all Project Runway and Queer Eye lovers. If you’re obsessed with those shows, here’s another that’s going to be right up your runway. Netflix is continuing its exploration of new formats with this week’s debut of a fashion-forward competition featuring Queer Eye’s Tan France and fashion writer/TV personality Alexa Chung at the helm. The pair will be assigning a wide variety of challenges to 18 experienced contestants (all of whom have worked for major brands and/or celebs in the past), each engaging with “a different trend or design style that has influenced the way the entire world dresses.”

Joining France and Chung are fashion editor Elizabeth Stewart and Instagram’s director of fashion partnerships Eva Chen, who serve as guest adjudicators. Which means contestants will have to impress a pretty stellar group of influencers if they want to collect the $250,000 grand prize, not to mention the chance to debut their very own collection at luxe retailer Net-a-Porter.

6. The Stranger – Thursday, January 30th, Netflix | Series Premiere

6. The StrangerNetflixAfter creating one of Netflix’s buzziest shows of 2018, crime novelist Harlan Coben is reteaming with the writers/producers of that Michael C. Hall-led thriller for another twisted suburban saga—this one based on the author’s 2015 bestseller The Stranger. We open on Adam Price (Richard Armitage), a father of two whose charmed life is plunged into chaos and conspiracy when a mystery woman (Killjoys’ Hannah-John Kamen) sidles up to him at a bar and reveals a life-changing secret about his wife (Dervla Kirwan)—a dark truth that could not only destroy Adam’s marriage, but prove fatal to everyone he holds dear. Happy Valley’s Siobhan Finneran, Absolutely Fabulous’s Jennifer Saunders and Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Anthony Head fill out the ensemble.

7. The Good Place – Thursday, January 30th, 8:30 p.m., Global & NBC | Series Finale

7. The Good PlaceGlobalWant to see a comedic genius tear up? Ask Ted Danson how he feels about The Good Place coming to an end after just four seasons, with tonight’s 90-minute finale. “What’s different about the ending of this show is we knew it was coming,” says the actor who also saw Cheers, Becker and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation through to their respective ends. “Usually you are informed by a network that the show’s over or there’s some turmoil around it, so it feels like something’s been taken away from you. This time we all got to be part of—[pauses, chokes up a bit]—Woof! We all got to be part of the going. ‘Here’s our gift.’ I hope that doesn’t sound pompous. But, ‘Here’s the gift of this show. We all were part of the decision. Please enjoy.’ You don’t usually get that kind of opportunity — [chokes up again]—Woof!”

Indeed, the equal parts comedic and insightful exploration of the afterlife is saying goodbye not because creator Mike Schur is afraid it will overstay its welcome, but because the sharply written show had, in Schur’s mind, reached its perfect conclusion. “He said, ‘I have done a lot of thinking about it. I haven’t made this decision haphazardly, but I have found an ending that this story needs,’” recalls star Kristen Bell, who immediately demanded another series written for her by the show’s creator. “I have always made it my mission to trust Mike, and it has never backfired.”

8. Evil – Thursday, January 30th, 10 p.m., Global & CBS | Season Finale

8. EvilGlobalThe Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King wrap the first season of their thoughtful paranormal thriller with our core trio visiting a pregnant woman who claims one of her yet-to-be-born twins is evil. It hits close to home for Kristen, who has reason to wonder about her own daughter’s “capacity for evil.”

9. Bojack Horseman – Friday, January 31st, Netflix | Season Premiere

9. BojackNetflixWill Arnett recently attended the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, and while he was ostensibly there to promote and answer questions about his new Fox series Lego Masters, he couldn’t make it through the panel without journalists trying to get some info about the final episodes of the much-lauded “adult animated tragicomedy” known as BoJack Horseman. He did his best to comply.

“I tell people this,” the Canadian actor explained. “It’s a very appropriate BoJack end, I don’t think the fans want to see a neat bow tied on it. Life doesn’t end that way anyway, generally. Things are messy and complicated, you know? So I’m really satisfied with the way the show ends, and I hope fans will be, too."

Perceptive readers will note that this answer gives away virtually nothing about what that ending is going to look like.

10. Ragnarok – Friday, January 31st, Netflix | Series Premiere

10. RagnarokNetflixIn Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the destruction of the cosmos and everything therein—even the gods. Here, the arrival of two brothers in a small Norwegian town coincides with a slew of environmental disasters that seem to indicate the end is near. But from the least likely of places, a saviour will emerge.