Credit: Jupiter

An ecosexual, according to Miro Cernetig in Monday's Vancouver Sun, is a man in whom "that great GQ grooming" is grafted onto "perfect urban greenness."

For those of us who've just adjusted to the cosmetics and complicated haircuts of metrosexuals, apparently it's time to open a new front in our understanding of urban sexuality. The ecosexual worries about moisturizers and pore strips, yes, but also carbon emissions, recycling and Peak Oil.

Is ecosexuality the new ideal for urban men? A scan of our mayoral candidates seems to suggest so, says Cernetig. Gregor Robertson, the Vision candidate, is the square-jawed founder of a organic-juice-and-smoothie empire.

And Peter Ladner, who's vying with Mayor Sam Sullivan for the NPA nomination, not only "rides around in a Smart Car" but also looks good in a lycra biking outfit. Though perhaps not at the same time.

Two things I'm not clear on:

Are there ecosexual women? Is this just a male thing?

And most importantly: Are ecosexuals hot?