Rob McMahon's arts and culture blog to unveil the hidden Vancouver of music, art, design and digital activism


For many people, there are aspects of Vancouver that are hidden. The bands playing coffee shops and cultural centres; the artists sculpting and painting in studios across town; the activists working to organize events—these activities make the city alive but can be hard to find. This blog aims to prick the bubble of secrecy and point readers toward ways to get involved.

Short, snappy, pointed: our goal is to introduce readers to Vancouver’s varied creatives, connecting arts producers and audiences; innovation and social change.

Music, visual art, fashion design, digital activism. Come here for profiles of local talent, photo essays and event reviews that mix culture with sustainable principles. And this is sustainability broadly defined: not just eco-friendly paints, but people building community, raising awareness and making Vancouver vibrant.

Expect to find events like Black Mountain’s recent free concert to support Insite, community-building tips from alt-country balladeers Pawnshop Diamond and images from eatART’s vision of alternative energy.

Jenn Perutka supplies the images, I write the words. You provide the real content, so please get in touch with your events, openings, projects. Send me an email.

Hope to hear from you soon.