Leigh Christie on Legal Venues for Drinking and Dancing and Where to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

The co-founder of eatART lists his top Vancouver spots to eat, drink and be merry—without getting busted.

Leigh Christie.


Where do the cool people go in Vancouver?

Granville asks in-the-know locals for their go-to eat, drink and be merry spots in our weekly “It People” series


Leigh Christie, co-founder of eatART


For dancing in legal venues, the Biltmore and Astoria are my picks. I’m very excited about the reopening of the Waldorf, too. For drinking (again legal venues), I’m not much of a drinker but I love the Brickhouse, The Keefer, Falconetti‘s new roof patio and The Narrow.


My food picks are Nuba, Les Faux Bourgeois, Bao Bei and Havana. My coffee shop picks (though I’m allergic to caffeine, I still buy decaf on occasion) are Prado, Our Town, Gene, Uprising Breads and Panther Decor (a.k.a. Guru a.k.a. the Prophouse Cafe). And for dessert, I go with Dolce Amore, Sweet Revenge Patisserie and Calhoun’s (for old times sake).



February 26: Leigh Christie at TEDxGeorgiaStrait


Leigh Christie will be speaking on February 26, 2011 at TEDxGeorgiaStraight, a local, independently organized TED-inspired event about the future of energy. Applications to attend are due February 13 18. (Deadline extended!)


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