The Whip

The best veggie burger in town, with a side of local art.

Credit: Hilary Henegar

The Whip
209 East 6th Ave, Vancouver 604-874-4687


The Whip puts a spin on the classic pub by featuring new local artwork each month

For those who like a side of art with your yam fries, this is the place for you. This relaxed pub/restaurant features a different local artist every month. For the last five years, The Whip has been showcasing the works of Vancouver artists on a non-commission basis. The ambiance in the heritage building is inviting, and you’ll definitely stay longer than planned—especially when the rain starts.

The Whip is also a great place for a summer snack or meal, as there is a great sidewalk patio for people watching. Serving up one of the best veggie burgers in town, the food is better than most pub’s. And for those who want to cheat on their diet, try the dessert menu’s deep-fried chocolate bar: naughty but oh-so-nice!

Jess McMahon

Originally an island girl hailing from Saltspring, blogger Jess McMahon lives in downtown Vancouver and writes about the random occurrences of everyday life, music, and events through her blog, The Van Hag. She also works as a communications coordinator for the Whistler-based video solutions company, Epic Mountain Video. Blog | Email