Greater Vancouver’s Best Karaoke Bars

Feeling the urge to unleash your inner diva? Here are some of the best spots in Greater Vancouver to belt out your favourite tunes

From small private rooms for bashful singers to public stages for unfazed divas, Vancouver has a karaoke bar to suit your every need

Admit it, karaoke brings out the best and worst in us. As soon as the intro to your favourite song echoes through the room, euphoria floods your system and your dignity walks right out the door.

Suddenly, you’re not Jane Doe of Vancouver; you’re Mariah Carey and it’s your time to shine.

If you haven’t tried karaoke, you have absolutely no idea what you’re missing. Karaoke can boost the spirits, unite a sea of strangers and tighten the bonds between friends.

For a night of unrestrained fun, no prior experience or skill is required. All you need is enthusiasm.

K-Fever (Richmond Central)

Beautifully furnished in pink and purple, K-Fever is blessed with a sizeable common area for large parties and numerous pink private rooms.

Each room includes a touchscreen menu and massive binders detailing K-Fever’s extensive collection of English and Asian songs.

What’s more, every Tuesday is customer appreciation night! Loyal patrons receive a 50% discount on regular hourly room rates. But remember to make reservations prior to your visit! During the rest of the week, a room for 1-3 people costs around $20/hour.

Fantacity (Downtown)

As one of the older karaoke establishments in Vancouver, Fantacity is known for its large and capacious rooms, random yet entertaining scoring system, and abundant supply of liquor.

Unlike other karaoke places, this Korean joint possesses a long list of ’80s songs. Armed with a tambourine under a whirling disco ball, nostalgic patrons can recapture their youth with the tunes of yesteryear.

At the end of this summer, Fantacity is opening its new location at 1133 Robson St. With new furnishings and even a new logo, it promises to be better than ever.

Electric Owl Social Club (Strathcona)

Every Tuesday after 9:30 pm, Electric Owl hosts “Cheap Thrills Karaoke”, a free event welcoming all music junkies.

With a beautifully lit stage and over 6500 songs to choose from, it’s your chance to set free your inner Madonna.

Loosen up your vocal cords and enjoy their Tuesday specials – $4.50 on pints and Sauza shots. If you’re seeking a late night snack, Electric Owl serves Japanese specialty apps, like Okonomiyaki and their special “Owl Poutine.” We recommended that you make reservations for larger parties prior to your arrival.

Party World KTV (Richmond Central)

Vibrant and colourful, Party World KTV is not your average karaoke bar. Each room is modern, chic and uniquely furnished. Its varying sizes are perfect for both small gatherings and large parties of 15+.

Party World’s songs are regularly updated, featuring some of the greatest R&B chart-toppers as well as the latest K-pop tunes. The songs are programmed into a touchscreen machine that can be set to your preferred language.

For the affordable price of $12, you can sing for up to six hours with their “All You Can Sing” program. Arrange a friendly competition with your pals using Party World’s amusing scoring system. Don’t worry, even an amateur singing Beyoncé can get a high score!

Mix-2 Karaoke (Burnaby South)

Tucked away on the corner of Kingsway and MacPherson Avenue, Mix-2 is a surprisingly spacious karaoke joint with up-to-date songs and clean, dark décor.

Enjoy a wide range of English songs that are often accompanied by the original music videos. Their collection also includes popular songs from Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

With a few Korean pop songs in your system, dine at one of the many Korean restaurants nearby. Only a few blocks away from Metrotown, Mix-2’s location is an extremely convenient option.

Millennium Karaoke (Richmond Central)

Boasting over 40,000 songs and 13 private rooms, Millennium Karaoke strives to be the biggest and most accommodating karaoke spot in Vancouver.

Their VIP Room, which they claim is the “largest private karaoke room in Richmond, or even the Lower Mainland,” has a 100-inch projector screen and can hold up to 30 patrons.

Like Party World, you have the option of “All You Can Sing” ($11-15/person) or a room charged by the hour. Millennium also offers fantastic monthly prizes, including a Ninetendo Wii or PlayStation 3.

The Metropole Community Pub (Gastown)

Craving a night of rowdy fun? Come down to the Met Pub on Wednesdays and sing to your heart’s content.

Don’t be surprised when karaoke enthusiasts get up and belt out their favourite tunes while dancing on the table!

Not only is Wednesday Karaoke a free event, but customers can also purchase drinks for only $3! What’s more, as an extraordinary supporter of its community, the Met notably donates 25% of its annual earnings to charitable organizations in Gastown and the Downtown Eastside.

The Two Parrots Perch and Grill (Downtown)

Bored on a Tuesday night with nothing better to do? Come down to The Two Parrots for an evening of endless singing and dancing.

Located on Davie and Granville Street, this long-established pub has drawn crowds of karaoke-lovers since the late ’90s. The Two Parrots is the ultimate place to relax, drink and make merry with friends and strangers.

Besides its fantastic karaoke event, Two Parrots is famous for its mammoth two-pound burger. Give it your best shot and finish this giant hunk of meat within an hour. The burger will be free and your face will adorn the wall of fame!