The Beat 94.5 Says Goodbye to Kid Carson

Vancouver's self-proclaimed #1 Hit Music Station is losing the Kid Carson Show, but where will the popular DJ end up?

Kid Carson at last year’s The Beat Cares Holiday Food & Toy Drive

The Kid Carson Show will no longer be streaming on The Beat

The regularly slotted Kid Carson Show disappeared from The Beat’s airwaves last week, giving weight to rumours that Carson is allegedly leaving the “#1 hit music station” to join SONiC fm.

Further speculation was sparked after The Beat released a press statement announcing the formation of a new morning crew, effective April 30, from which Carson’s name was absent.

Although SONiC has yet to release a statement, there are no longer any mentions of Carson or his show on The Beat’s website, and his latest Twitter posts have been elusive yet revealing, stating that Carson has “been abducted by Aliens until further notice #Vancouver #kidcarsonshow.”

It is believed that Carson will be moving the successful Kid Carson Show from The Beat to the sinking SONiC ship in an attempt to enliven the station.

SONiC received a lot of bad press after the host of its morning show Ryder In the Morning tweeted an offensive photo and caption on 4/20. The drama surrounding Ryder has led many to believe that Carson will be taking over his 6 am to 10 am morning slot come the beginning of September.

Fans have already begun speculating that a large pay raise must have been involved for Carson to move to a much less established station with fewer listeners. The change follows other recent Vancouver radio station moves, including Astral Media’s recent acquisition of Shore FM, as well as the Peak 100.5’s sacking of its entire morning crew.

So, will you follow the Kid Carson Show to 104.9?

Update: We found Kid Carson! See what he’s been up to this summer.