Survivor: One World . . . Tarzan is a Crazy Person

This week's Survivor: One World offering featured explosive spats, hidden immunity idols and close-call challenges

Survivor: One World contestant Tarzan helps round out the quirkiness of this season

Explosive fights, unorganized decisions and hidden immunity idols make this week’s episode of Surivior: One World one to watch

It’s been two weeks of disappointing Survivor’s in a row, as Colton went out very unceremoniously last week, while this week just kind of baffles us. Oh, and Tarzan is insane.

Post Merge

The castaways are pumped about their merge feast, as one would be. Alicia continues to be snotty about Christina – oooh, I hope she gets hers (Alicia). She sucks big time. In the morning, they decide their new tribe name is Tikiano, which kind of means “Year of the God.” Lame.

It’ll be interesting to see if the tribe falls along the Salani/Manono tribes or the guys/girls tribes. Tarzan is trying to rally the men together plus Alicia will be the voting alliance. Hmm. I would think Christina would be a better play than Alicia for someone to defect. However, Mike isn’t even down with a men’s alliance anyway.

Reward Challenge

They are divided back up for this challenge only. They race through obstacles, dig up puzzle pieces, then put together a turtle puzzle. The winners get pizza and beer, plus a note. Oooh. The tribes are Alicia/Jay/Sabrina/Chelsea/Christina/Troyzan vs. Leif/Kat/Mike/Kim/Jonas/Tarzan. Hmm.

Jay’s tribe gets a huge lead because Leif digs a hole that is not big enough and then tries to wriggle through anyway, on his stomach no less. It loses them some serious time, but Sabrina not being able to dig for a bag of puzzle pieces lets the other tribe catch almost all the way back up.

The puzzlers are Troyzan/Christina and Tarzan/Jonas and Troyzan/Christina pull it out. Alicia hops right out of her bikini top in celebration. During the reward, the note gives them a clue about the Hidden Idol. They say they aren’t going to tell the others.

Back at camp, Jonas and Mike have one of the most hilarious exchanges I’ve ever heard on this show. Jonas says, “We need to get stuff together here, ya know?” and Mike goes, “Like, supplies? Or like, thoughts?” I’m sorry, it made me laugh so hard.

And then it turns out Jonas didn’t know the plan was to keep the men together, so he confronts Tarzan about it and Tarzan is a complete jerk and nutcase to him. Jonas tries to have a conversation and Tarzan like loses his mind. But he declares he does not like Jonas anymore and that is that.

In the morning, Troyzan gets up at the crack of dawn to search for the Idol. And he finds it. Wow.

Immunity Challenge

They are perched on a log with a round disc that has a ball on it. Periodically, more balls are added. If you fall off or drop a ball, you’re out. Last one standing wins.

Tarzan falls off his log almost immediately. Christina, Michael, Chelsea and Kim lose their balls in round 2. Then in round 3, Alicia is out right away, while Sabrina makes a nice save. Jay drops, then Jonas drops, then Sabrina and Leif. So Troyzan and Kat are the final two.

Kat looks solid as a rock, but she steps off the log and Troyzan wins. Wow, thought she had that for sure.

Pre Tribal

The old Salani (the co-ed tribe) are going to pick off the five Manono tribe members one by one, it sounds like. And Jonas is the first target because he’s seen as the strongest player. So Alicia tries to find what’s going on and Kim smartly decides that she needs to keep Christina and Alicia in the fold just in case a girls’ alliance is needed.

But Troyzan isn’t down with Jonas, so he tells Jonas what’s going on and Jonas starts scrambling, apologizing to Tarzan and working on the guys. The idea is Troyzan, Tarzan, Jonas and Leif are going to vote for Kat. Huh. How will that work?

But then we have the great laundry kerfuffle – Chelsea cleans her clothes in the ocean and then when she’s boiling it, Tarzan comes along and just drops his droopy, poopy drawers into her pot of laundry. Everyone being grossed out is pretty childish, but on the other hand, it was kind of rude. He didn’t even ask.

And that is enough to get everybody talking about sparing Jonas because of his good attitude and cooking skills and voting out Tarzan, who is obnoxious and annoying.

Tribal Council

At Tribal, Jonas just declares he’s voting for Mike. So the guys he was aligned with who were agreed on Kat are rather stunned and Tarzan and his sanctimonious attitude get all out of joint and he declares that he “disrepects” that and that Jonas has thrown himself over the bus. Which is … a rather awesome display of word-salad.

Jonas THEN just blurts out they were going to vote out Kat. Oh my god, what is wrong with him? Tarzan has to try to save face by saying the Kat thing is a lie and he then declares they should just vote Jonas out.

Tarzan then keeps being wacky. It’s so great that he uses words like “mercurial” but also says things like “thrown over the bus.”

The vote goes Jonas, Mike, Mike, Jonas, Jonas, Jonas, Jonas, Jonas and Jonas. So, I’m not sure I see the big strategy in voting him out first. He tries to say no hard feelings to Tarzan and Tarzan the a-hole goes, “Hard feelings to you.”

Weird episode. Also, Jeff said he’s the first jury member, so apparently the jury will have nine people on it with a top 3? Huh. Also, are the women going to count the numbers and realize what an advantage they can have? I mean, they could probably one or two more votes getting a man voted out without even looking like there is a female alliance.

Next week: Do the women pull it together? Maybe.