The Voice Battles: Naia Kete vs. Jordan Rager Take on ‘I’m Yours’ for Team Blake

Singing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, Naia Kete and Jordan Rager from this season of The Voice battled it out for a place on Team Blake Shelton

Battling it out for a spot on Team Blake: Naia Kete and Jordan Rager from season 2 of The Voice

The Voice’s final battle episode fills the last spot on Team Blake

In the final The Voice battle episode, Blake Shelton had only one more spot left on his team to fill before the April 2 live shows begin. He pitted Georgia high school student Jordan Rager against Santa Monica street performer Naia Kete.

When Blake chose “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, we were a little surprised, because the song seemed to lean so heavily in Naia’s direction – but perhaps it was a little strategy on Blake’s part? “Jordan’s country as dirt, and I chose a reggae pop song that lends itself a little more to Naia,” he admitted, noting that he felts that the mismatch would also give Jordan a chance to shine.

Miranda Lambert, one of Jordan’s favorite female artists, was his celebrity mentor. “I’d be lying if I said Miranda wasn’t hot,” he admitted somewhat sheepishly – out of earshot of Blake, of course. Naia got advice from Kelly Clarkson, hoping that their “similar starts” would help them relate. (We’re pretty sure no one is allowed to say American Idol on this show.) “I want to hit all these crazy high notes, but I feel nervous because I’m not always consistent,” Naia admitted.

After the extremely uneven performance, all of the judges agreed that though Jordan was out of his comfort zone, and both missed notes, Naia was the clear winner. We just have to wonder if the deck was a little stacked in her favor from the start.