Go Old-school in the Kitchen with Vintage Baking Accessories

Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man, bake something vintage as fast as you can!

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Bake like your grandma did with vintage bakeware and recipes

Take your tastebuds on a trip through time with these great vintage baking accessories, recipes and treats

Vintage is in vogue and it’s all about taking the old and making something new. So go old-school in the kitchen with the coolest vintage baking accessories, cake decorating products and recipes.

Where to Find Vintage Bakeware and Accessories Online

Vintage baking tins will get you in the old-school spirit. Image: Flickr / GranniesKitchen

In the past, vintage treasures were found by looking through the newspapers for garage sales and then traipsing all about town. Vintage shopping meant frequenting favourite thrift stores and flea markets and lots of sifting through junk. Not today; getting a  vintage fix is all about shopping online.

You’ll be in vintage heaven at Etsy, they have everything – and I mean everything – from vintage style napkins, cupcake liners, cake tins and dishes. Here are just a few teasers.

Baking tins: For absolutely authentic vintage baking use tried and true vintage baking tins. Etsy has a great range of old-school baking tins, jello and tart moulds.

Go to Etsy for all your cupcake needs. Image: Flickr / Seelensturm

Patty cakes: From floral motifs to polka dots, Etsy has every cupcake liner you can imagine. You’re sure to find something suitably vintage to pretty up your patty cakes.

Edible art: Check out the gorgeous flavourless wafer paper floral motifs which will turn cookies and chocolate bars into vintage masterpieces. So fabulously frivolous and so very vintage.

Cake and Cookie Decorating Supplies

Image: Scoop-n-Save

Scoop-n-save’s online store has everything from cake tins to muffin trays, chocolate hail to edible silver baubles. Buy online, or go into their store in Langley, which in itself is a sight to behold with shelves and bins full of baking and cake decorating necessities. They also offer cake decorating classes taught by experienced professionals if you need some help getting your creative juices flowing.

For the Love of the Cake is a Port Coquitlam-based cake decorating company with a huge range of supplies for cake decorating enthusiasts and beginners available online. Here you’ll find cookie cutters, cake pans, stencils and edible decorations.

Online Vintage Recipes

Image: Flickr / Chrissy Alright

Make treats that will take your guests back in time with recipes from these great vintage recipe sites.

Vintage Recipes is quite appropriately an old-fashioned looking website, but don’t let appearances fool you. Here you’ll find a huge selection of vintage recipes from compotes to creams, soufflés to stewed fruit from recipe books with titles like Mrs Wilson’s Cook Book (1920) and Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners (1913).

Nothing beats good old-fashioned hand-written recipes and Eating out Loud has a great collection of hand-written vintage recipes online.

If You Can’t Bake It You Can Always Fake It

Dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling and raspberry butter frosting / Image: Sweet Naturally

Can’t bring yourself to get out the rolling pin but still want the pastries? You can always cheat and impress your guests with sweet vintage-style treats from local bakeries.

If you’re looking for a stylish but sustainable option, Vancouver’s Sweet Naturally is perfect. They use all natural and organic ingredients to make cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, cakes and even old-style jams.

Also check out Bake Sale, owned and operated by pastry chef Chris Ng, a graduate of the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Vancouver. They offer amazing catering inspired by vintage American recipes and deliver throughout the Vancouver area.

Old-school cupcakes from Bake Sale

Lydia Millett hails from New Zealand and has recently moved to Vancouver. She has an English literature degree and a diploma in creative writing.