Power Up at Vancouver’s New Coffee Festival

Celebrate the city's coffee culture and get your caffeine fix this month at Beanstock, Vancouver's first coffee festival

Celebrate the city’s coffee culture and get your caffeine fix this month at Beanstock, Vancouver’s first coffee festival

This one-day festival will couple coffee lovers with the best independent micro-roasters in town. Expect music, good food, live demos and plenty of coffee! As Vancouver is replete with roasters and cafés at which you can enjoy a fresh pour-over, we’re truly in the midst of a coffee revolution. Known as the third wave, this new culture treats your morning joe like a fine artisanal product.

Appreciate a quality cup? Here’s what you can’t miss at Beanstock…

1. Learn more about your beans

At Beanstock, you’ll get a chance to meet the professionals behind the coffee. Check out the education centre to learn the complete story—from growing, harvesting, processing, roasting and brewing. Take part in interactive workshops and listen to industry experts nerd-out about coffee. Want a sneak peak at the micro-roasters coming to Beanstock? Groundswell, Pallet and Agro will all be represented.

2. Unlimited coffee samples

You read that right. Included in your ticket is an unlimited number of coffee samples from 25 micro-roasters. Sip and sniff to your heart’s content. With over 1,500 flavour and aroma compounds in coffee, it is more than twice as complex as wine. Get ready to taste all kinds of chocolate, fruit, wood, spice and nut flavours.

3. Coffee shopping

Local coffee roasters are dedicated to sustainability and direct trade as they build relationships with their coffee growers. They are creating complex and flavourful coffees with their innovative roasting and brewing methods. The hard work pays off and results in a higher quality cup of coffee. While you’re getting caffeinated at Beanstock, be sure to visit their coffee store. You can buy festival merch, artisanal coffees and brewing equipment. With Christmas around the corner, this is a great gift-buying opportunity!

4. Connoisseur goodies and more

It’s easy to be a VIP at Beanstock. Entry-level tickets get you all-you-can-drink coffee, a festival mug and a sample bag of take-home beans. The real coffee connoisseur can get premium tickets for the full Beanstock experience. They include a custom tote bag, food vouchers and extra take-home samples. Visit the Beanstock website to buy tickets and learn more. The Beanstock Coffee Festival takes place Sunday, November 26 at 298 Alexander Street.