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Ra Energy

Credit: Courtesy of Power of Food

Power of Food CEO and president, Adam Hart, has created Ra Energy to help people discover a new healthy way of eating.

Credit: Courtesy of Power of Food

Ra Energy consists of high-quality seeds, and is created to sustain energy levels for the entire day.

Credit: Courtesy of Power of Food

Ra Energy is a natural seed energy mix, packed with Omega 3 & 6, Iron, Calcium & Fibre.

Credit: Courtesy of Power of Food

Start your day right by adding Ra Energy to your breakfast.

Credit: Courtesy of Power of Food

Ra Energy’s garlic flavour is a healthy complement to any savory dish on your menu.

Credit: Courtesy of Power of Food

Take your smoothie or dessert to another level with Ra Energy Naturally Sweet.

Positive Energy: A shocking diagnosis propelled Ra Energy founder Adam Hart into a life as a wellness guru—and savvy businessman.

A few shakes is all it takes to achieve a healthier you thanks to an innovative new nutritional supplement from Vancouver’s own Ra Energy. The nutritious blend of organic seeds (shelled hemp, unhulled sesame, sprouted buckwheat and more) is almost entirely locally sourced, and adds a boost of protein, essential carbohydrates and essential Omega-3 acids in an instant. It’s the brainchild of nutrition expert Adam Hart. Today, he’s celebrated for sharing his knowledge and experiences with a legion of followers, but things weren’t always this way.

A lifetime of poor eating habits saddled Hart with a pre-diabetic diagnosis at the young age of 26, and jolted him into taking charge of his body and well-being. “Rather than live on medication for the rest of my life, I decided it was time to take back control of my health,” says Hart. He immersed himself in studying nutritional science, and after seeing powerful results that stabilized his blood sugar and improved his own energy, weight and mental health, Hart founded The Power of Food to share his newfound knowledge with others through speaking, writing and sharing recipes. “As a nutritional researcher, I found my purpose in life,” muses Hart. “I realized my true passion lay in sharing my food discoveries, in helping others achieve their nutritional goals and find the path to greater health and vitality.“

Since starting The Power of Food, Hart has become an in-demand speaker, an accomplished author and a corporate wellness advisor for big name companies like Telus and RBC. His latest project brings his food philosophies into grocery stores with Ra Energy. “Don’t change your life; add to it,” Hart explains. “Getting healthy is easy when you add nutrient-rich seeds to everything you eat.” Stronger muscles, more energy and a healthier heart are just a few shakes away with the all-natural nutritional additive. And with three flavours to choose from—naturally sweetened, garlic or plain—Ra Energy is as delicious as it is nutritious, added to granola, salads or your favourite weeknight recipe. Find it at your local Overwaitea, Save-on-Foods or Urban Fare and experience the benefits yourself today.

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