Credit: Contexture Design

While it might seem mind-bending to the uninitiated, folding up old vinyl records origami-style and twisting reclaimed architectural veneers into handcrafted accessories was a natural offshoot for landscape architects Nathan Lee and Trevor Coghill of Contexture Design.

“We’ve always been interested in context, and cultural context is pretty important,” says Lee, describing the concept behind the duo’s inventive items, such as the bracelet – made from industrial offcuts from high-end furniture – that doubles as a sleeve for your paper coffee cup.

Contexture Design’s 45 iPod case is another fashion accessory that marries form with recycling function. It’s a 45 RPM vinyl record cut to size and refashioned to fit an iPod. Lee describes this clever commingling of old and new media as “sort of poetic in that this thing that used to hold one song on it is protecting something that holds tens of thousands of songs – digital meets analog.”