Earth Day—a day to celebrate our planet and the efforts of people around the world to protect our natural environment.

Davin, does that sound super cheesy to you? Not the sort of celebration that would ignite Vancouver like last night’s Canucks win?

I can’t imagine an Earth Day celebration that would cause that much ruckus (but I’m sure it would be fun)! There have been a ton of events over the last week—tree planting, canopy walks, fashion shows—you name it.

Have they really excited you about celebrating planet Earth? Is Earth Day the topic of conversation around the water cooler this morning? Are you inspired to plant a tree or offset your carbon emissions for the year? For the number of events and effort that are put into celebrating Earth Day, I think it still lacks a personal connection, that je ne sais quoi, that really makes it stick.

Vancouverites celebrated the Canucks game last night because we have a relationship with the game and the team, and a big win like that is something for all of us to be proud of. I grew up watching and listening to hockey games, but I don’t follow it anymore. Yet, last night I still knew what all the hollering was about, and it brought a smile to my face.

As my roommate Miranda jumped up and down with excitement over the Canucks overtime win, our Aussie friend struggled to muster a convincing “Wahoo!”

He doesn’t know anything about hockey or the Canucks, so why should he care? He doesn’t get it, and there is no reason he should.

Just the same, there are lots of people who like the idea of Earth Day, but it’s too “out there” to be relevant. If you’re stuck in an office all day, or you’ve never experienced a “wow” moment in the great outdoors—the view from the top of Mount Garibaldi on a clear day, encountering a pair of humbling two-metre reef sharks or finding your first opalescent nudibranch— then how can you really connect with Earth Day?

A lot of people use Earth Day as an opportunity to just get out there and notice the environment around them, which is a first step to one of these “moments of wow-ness,” but they still don’t quite get it or make that connection. Perhaps you will come across one of these folks today—often obvious by their slightly awkward attempt to be part of the crowd (imagine our Canucks-clueless Aussie friend in the middle of a sports bar during the playoffs). Share what you’re celebrating today with them.

I’m sure that if anyone approached me while admiring magnolia blossoms I could convince them that they’re the most beautiful thing on the entire planet—it’s an energy level, an enthusiasm; it's being inclusive with what you’re experiencing, and it really makes a difference.

Today, I’m celebrating Earth Day in ways that have meaning to me and that articulate why I am so passionate about the planet we live on. I took the long way to work around the Stanley Park seawall, I am going to take pictures of my favourite magnolia blossoms on my way home, and I hope to go to the beach tonight.

They may seem silly or insignificant, but these simple choices make me really happy “just because”—and hopefully I’ll get to share that with a stranger today.