Artisan Charms for your Home from B.C.’s Boutique Craft Shops

From animated garden sculptures to functional custom-made furniture and ornaments, discover British Columbian artisans and boutique craft shops that can transform your living spaces into reflections of your unique style and personality.

The past years have given us some insight on our relationship with space.  We’ve come to value how the  energy of our surroundings impact our well-being. Many of us trooped to big boxed furniture stores with our grand home DIY ideas. I’ve personally transformed my own room from a blank canvas of white walls to a space that somehow embodies my personal interests – shelves brimming with unread books, a rotating collection of plants, and an array of egg-themed decor, from prints to cushions, carpets, and even quirky room hooks. Admittedly, it might have been a bit excessive, but it always left me wanting to spend more time in the comfort of my home.

Whether your taste leans towards the eclectic and whimsical like mine, or towards a more understated and timeless style, British Columbia is home to numerous boutique craft shops that cater to your varying sense of style. Gone are the days of mistaking your personal space for an Instagram room doppelgänger. These B.C. boutique craft shops feature quality, technique, craftsmanship and even the option for custom-made pieces tailored specifically for your home, all while supporting talented local creative communities.


The Kube

The Kube, Sunshine Coast

In the Sunshine Coast, The Kube showcases local and Canadian artistry alongside carefully sourced international pieces. Here, you can find colorful prints and funky woven textiles crafted from unique prints and reclaimed fabric that add a dash of quirkiness to any space.

“Bordes Costeros” an acrylic on canvas piece by Vancouver-based Ecuadorian artist Federico Airaudo. Credit: The Kube
Woven and hand-punched wall piece by Alisa McRonald Credit: The Kube

With 11 working artist studios, an art gallery, and thoughtfully curated retail spaces, The Kube showcases local and Canadian artistry alongside carefully sourced international pieces.


A custom spirit cabinet made from maple wood, black walnut and delicate rice paper. Credit: The Stables Fine & Furniture Design

The Stables Fine Furniture & Design, Victoria

In Victoria, The Stables Fine Furniture & Design offers bespoke furniture and accessories designed to add character and contemporary flair to homes. From custom coffee tables to uniquely shaped mirrors, each piece embodies timeless craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. The Stables Woodshop was started by Jeff Mann, a former Red Seal electrician who found inspiration after being confined in a stable in Italy during COVID. There, he immersed himself in woodworking and eventually went on to develop his craftsmanship at the Camosun College’s Fine Furniture program where he won a Pat Lintaman Award for design.  Mann blends contemporary design with traditional techniques, creating timeless pieces for your home.


Credit: Rugged Coast

Ruggid Coast, Nanaimo

You will find a unique line of metal artworks from, Ruggid Coast in Nanaimo. The artisans specialize in bringing together original designs from First Nations artists alongside its own artists’ creations. Their collection feature original designs rooted in First Nations heritage, including Coast Salish, Gitxsan/Cree, and Kwakwaka’wakw styles. As a small family business, all of Ruggid Coast’s designs are made locally in Vancouver Island. In addition to their work, they also carry works from other Indigenous artists and create custom pieces for clients.


Credit: BC Blacksmith Inc.

BC Blacksmith, Granville Island

In Granville Island, you’re welcome to visit blacksmith and artisan, Miran Elbakyan ’s gallery and studio. BC Blacksmith specializes in unique metal sculptures that are both decorative and functional. Elbakyan works on custom projects ranging from  staircase  wrought iron furniture to more expanded works in gazebos as well as smaller scale projects like metal home ornaments. BC Blacksmith creates its wares through a combination of contemporary ironwork and ages-old tradition of handmade artistic forging. You can find something that perfectly suits your style and character from one of a kind wall ornaments to more utilitarian pieces, and sculptures.


Credit: Gallery 421

Gallery 421, Kelowna

Kelowna, Gallery 421 stands as Kelowna’s premier art gallery, representing over thirty artists of local, Canadian, and international acclaim. Established in 2001, this gallery is a haven for art enthusiasts seeking paintings, sculptures, and exquisite blown glass. Beyond exhibitions, Gallery 421 provides comprehensive services ranging from art layaway plans to art restoration and corporate art collections.


One of Andrea Revoy’s ceramic pieces.
Credit: Craft Connection

Craft Connection, Nelson

Further inland, In the quaint town of Nelson, known as Canada’s top small arts town, Craft Connection is a reflection of the town’s creative energy. This co-op of artists showcases a diverse range of wares from over 100 artisans. Among their offerings, Andrea Revoy’s ceramic pieces stand out. Her craftsmanship and delightful sense of humour can be seen in her handcrafted wares.

Credit: Dupas Designs

Nearby, Michele Dupas of Dupas Designs offer sculptural and decorative works that add a touch of whimsy to any home. Her works are both hand built and functional inspired by her animated view of the world.