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I'm actually prone to riding my bike more often then riding the bus, but a series of unfortunate events concerning my bicycle's health has reacquainted me with our public transit system. People are always complaining about taking the bus, so I wanted tip the scales a bit and share a few of the things I really enjoy about the bus.

1. People watching

So many stories to make up—different people from different parts of town going to different places. The bus is a people watchers paradise!

If you're not familiar with people watching, it's very different from the creepy staring contests that people occasionally experience on the bus. It's about a quick glance at a person, taking in everything you can about them within a couple of seconds, and then crafting a story about their life: who they are, where they're going, etc. People watching is usually more fun if you can share your stories, so text them if you're with a friend on the bus.

2. Environmentally friendly

I breathe a sigh of relief when I'm on the bus because I know that collectively we're reducing emissions and doing our part against climate change. You can't deny that it's a nice feeling knowing that you're doing something good.


3. Less stressful

Cars are very stressful, especially when traffic is bad (i.e., the times when most people are driving). Sitting on the bus you get to avoid all of that! Plus, buses get the HOV lanes during rush hour so you're chances are higher to get home faster and avoid a lot of traffic.

4. Reading & music

While ignoring the honking cars and traffic jams, the bus and Skytrain offer the perfect time to enjoy a book, music or podcast. Lately I've been exhausted by the time I get to bed, so it's nice to have a few minutes to get through my book while I'm on the bus. You can even check out some green listening.

5. Buttons!

I love buttons, so you can imagine how excited I was to see some of the designs that came up for I Love Transit Week. Wear it proud!

6. Oh, Miranda!

There are discount times on the bus, but I always get them confused and end up paying too much, and every time Miranda rolls her eyes at me and reminds me that...

Saturday: One-zone fare for multi-zones all day

Sunday: Two-for-one fare all day


7. Skytrain party

Everyone loves a party, and the Vancouver Public Space Network is the best at organizing them. Well known as the place to be on Halloween, skytrain parties are becoming more and more popular! What better way to celebrate our public transit system than by filling a Skytrain with a sound system and a rockin' DJ and have a dance party.

So those are just a few of my favourite things about riding the bus.

I <3 public transit.





Emily Jubenvill loves biking and public transit in Vancouver

Emily Jubenvill, formerly the "Green" contingent of our Green vs. Reality blog, was voted the planet's second greenest person in 2008. She recently picked up and moved from Vancouver's West End to the earth's southern hemisphere, woofing and studying agriculture and permaculture in Australia and New Zealand. Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter.