An alternative solution to the Burrard Bridge bike lane conundrum

Instead of the proposed bike lane trials to the Burrard Street Bridge, I would propose that instead of further congesting traffic with fewer car lanes—in turn, leading to angrier and more dangerous drivers—it would be great to have a dedicated pedestrian/cyclist bridge spanning False Creek. We could even call it the Olympic Bridge!

Examples of how other cities have used people-and-bikes-only bridges:



London Millennium and Jubliee
Pedestrian Bridge:

The London Millenium Foot Bridge is a
suspension bridge located over the River
Thames connecting the south shore
close to the Tate Modern Museum and
the north shore close to the St. Paul’s
Cathedral in London, UK.
Millenium Bridge:
The Gateshead Millenium Bridge carries only
pedestrian and cyclist traffic across the
River Tyne from Gateshead, UK, on the
south shore to Newcastle on the north
shore. This bridge has been nicknamed
the “Blinking Eye Bridge” thanks to its
amazing opening system.

Photo courtesy Photographs of Newcastle



Humber River Pedestrian Bridge:
The Humber River Pedestrian Bridge,
built in 1994, is located south of Lake
Shore Boulevard West in Toronto.

Photo courtesy School of Architecture at
Waterloo, Canada

Voetbrug Bridge:
Voetburg Bridge is a smaller, though
no-less-beautiful, pedestrian bridge located
at the Eastern Docklands in Amsterdam,
the Netherlands.

Photo courtesy Amsterdam Docklands


barcelona_bridge.gif Barcelona Porto Vell-Maremagnum Bridge:

La Rambla de Mar
extends from Las
Ramblas Street in Barcelona, Spain, and
goes over the harbour waters, running
from Portal de la Pau to the Spain Dock,
or Moll d’Espanya. The bridge opens
horizontally every hour to let traffic
go through.

Photo: iStock/tontoruga


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