Credit: Angela Fama

Adhesif Garden Pixie Dress made from reclaimed jersey knit and reclaimed printed cotton.


Melissa Ferreira's Adhesif Clothing Company incorporates '60s class and bold patterns in the spring/summer collection


Adhesif Clothing Company’s spring and summer collection combines garden-party couture and the wardrobe of the Mad Men TV series.


Using reclaimed cotton, plus vintage scarves and buttons, Vancouver designer Melissa Ferreira executes 'upcycling' with sophistication, showcasing vibrant colours and bold pattern play. She names music, specifically 1920s and '60s blues, as inspirations, which is mirrored in the silks and silhouettes she uses to construct her latest collection.


An up close look at the Adhesif Clothing Company - 2011 Spring/Summer Collection. (Created by Lisa Nakamura Nguyen for Granville Online)


The line has already caught the attention of Fashion Guru and Treehugger blogs, as well as the local media at Vancouver Eco Fashion Week 2011 for its edgy, modern take on classic feminine floral accents, elegant necklines, high-waisted skirts and dresses with impact.


Experimenting with textiles from a young age, Melissa’s playful imagination is visible in each creation. she describes the pieces as, "one-of-a-kind, eclectic and whimsical."


Formerly a buyer for vintage retailers, Melissa set out to create her own clothing label in 2007. Her locally produced pieces are available at the flagship store on Main Street, independent boutiques and art galleries across Canada, as well as local fashion tradeshows and markets like Circle Craft, Toronto's One of a Kind Show and Portobello West.