Bike Rave 2.0 is Vancouver’s Flashiest Bike Ride

The Bike Rave in Vancouver was a neon, bass-pumping success.

Bike Rave Vancouver

From Crab Park to Second Beach, along the Sea Wall through Yaletown to the Plaza Of Nations, there’s nothing like a bike ride with 400 of your friends


Late night bike rides with your crew can be a ton of fun. It is an adventure setting out on a mild evening after the sun goes down, the roads grow quiet and street lamps flicker to life. How much more awesome would it be with a couple hundred like-minded people


DIY PA RIDE: Sound Systems & Freestyling


June 17th, 7:00 p.m.


Science World Gazebo, 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver



This year’s Bike Rave 2.0 brought out a diverse crowd from the cycling community. Cruisers, fixies, custom-built stacked frames and touring bikes were all decked out with glow sticks jammed in the spokes, twinkling frames and sounds systems strapped to the pannier. With around 400 people in attendance there was ample safety in numbers and a ridiculous number of lights on bikes.


The Bike Rave kicks off


Assembling first at Crab Park for a warm-up party, the Bike Rave began with a countdown to synchronize the start of a DJ mix prepared and distributed online in advance so that we could all groove to the same beat anywhere within the group.


There was a tangible happy vibe as the party got rolling and we all rang our bells and whooped through the echoey underpass at the convention centres. The looks on people’s faces were a delightful mix of confusion and envy as we passed. More than once people shouted after us, “Who are you? Where are you going? What is going on?!?” 




There is a similar event taking place this Friday, June 17th @ 7pm called the DIY PA RIDE: Sound Systems & Freestyling. Slap some speakers on your bike or just go to be inspired.