Catch the Best of the World’s Dancers in Burn the Floor

Burn the Floor is a two-hour celebration of tantalizing hip swivels, flashy low-back dresses and shirtless chiseled Casanovas

Credit: Sheryl Yen

They think they can dance, and they’re right. Burn the Floor dancers heat up the Vogue Theatre

Hotter than hot, Burn the Floor doesn’t just burn, it scorches.

I grew up with a background in dance; from ballet to ballroom I covered the spectrum. So when I heard that one of the hottest dance shows of all time was coming to Vancouver last January I knew I had to get my hands on a ticket. But we all suffer from procrastination and it got the best of me that time around, thus I missed the boat.

Luckily for me Burn the Floor was so well received in Vancouver the first year that it has come back to the city for a second run. I had the opportunity to see it on opening night and it was definitely worth the cost of the ticket and then some.

Burn the Floor is a two-hour celebration of tantalizing hip swivels, flashy low-back dresses and shirtless chiseled Casanovas. But the show is more than a solid dose of eye candy, these dancers are the selected elite from their respective countries.

From Malaysia and Australia to Venezuela and Italy, these dancers are amongst some of the best in the world. Newest recruits to the cast? Ashleigh and Ryan Di Lello of So You Think You Can Dance. Debuting with the show for their first time, the pair learned and perfected their choreography during the past three days.

Some call it flashy and some call it tacky but I call it pure entertainment. The show gives you a little taste of the standard waltz and quickstep, and a big taste of scintillating Latin dance. Guaranteed to keep you entertained and transfixed for the entire two hours, Burn the Floor does not disappoint.

I got home and dug out my old Latin ballroom shoes from the bottom drawer of my closet. Amazingly, the shoes still fit the subject, however, I quickly realized the subject wasn’t quite up to par. The hips didn’t swivel as well as they once did and the joints definitely weren’t as limber and forgiving as they were five years ago. The show gave me my reality check: get off my lazy hind legs, get my cardio going with some sexy Latin moves and use those chiseled, cut dancer bodies as my inspiration.

Burn the Floor is in Vancouver at the Vogue Theatre until Sunday, April 18, so make sure you don’t miss out on tickets!

Sheryl Yen is a local Vancouverite with a lot of love for her city. A marketing and social media guru in the making, Sheryl is also The Socialist for BCBusiness Online, covering parties and events happening throughout the city.