Creativity through the eyes of 12 BC artists in ‘A Window Looking In’

Discover the creative process and inspiration behind artists like Dan Mangan, Sarah McLachlan and Fred Herzog.

Credit: Knowledge

‘A Window Looking In’ looks at creativity through the eyes of 12 BC artists

Directors Eric Hogan and Tara Hungerford profile 12 BC artists in a bold and captivating film.

BC’s most recognizable creative types answer the question ‘What is your creative process and what keeps you inspired?’ in new documentary film, premieres on Knowledge Network September 21 and 22


A Window Looking In hooks you from the first notes of Vancouver singer-songwriter Dan Mangan’s “Sold” to the last notes of Sarah McLachlan’s “Loving You is Easy.” Time-lapsed, everyday shots of our stunningly rugged province are woven amongst candid conversations with painters, singer-songwriters, dancers and sculptors.


‘A Window Looking In’ featured artists


Martha Sturdy – designer

Dan Mangan – singer/songwriter

William Gibson – author

Ballet BC – dance company

Ian Tracey – actor

Parviz Tanavoli – sculptor

Fred Herzog – photographer

Flamenco Rosario – dance company

James Cheng – architect

Gathie Falk – painter

Shawn Hunt – Heiltsuk artist

Sarah McLachlan – singer/songwriter



Produced and directed by Vancouverites Eric Hogan and Tara Hungerford of Two Story Productions, the documentary film is a window into the creative soul. Working with the Knowledge Network, who commissioned the film, the duo came up with a list of 12 British Columbian artists to engage in dynamic conversations about their creative process and what keeps them inspired.


Hogan and Hungerford spent a day with each artist to capture their essence in what Hungerford refers to as a “visual poem.” Each artist is featured in a setting that reflects their personality, life or work; whether it is a studio, farm or neighbourhood barbershop. (I had to stop and rewind one part of the film that shows Dan Mangan at an intimate show in a record shop, signing autographs for none other than my cousin and his wife!)


Some of the conversations are funny, others more intense, but a common theme among these artists is that they have to do what they are doing; it is just a natural part of them—whether the ideas are coming from something greater than one’s self (William Gibson, writer), they just happen to see things in a different way (Fred Herzog, photographer) or they’re just looking at things, period (Gathie Falk, painter).


“It is like the adventure of life—if you throw yourself into it, you get something out of it. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But…you get something,” says designer Martha Sturdy.


Artist profiles are one to two minutes in length and are woven together to create a 22-minute documentary. They can also stand alone as mini reels that will be woven in between programming on Knowledge.


Watch the film: ‘A Window Looking In’

A Window Looking In airs in full on Tuesday, September 21 at 9:30 p.m. and Wednesday, September 22 at 12:30 a.m. Tune into Knowledge on Channel 5 in Vancouver.

You can now view it online under Online – Full Length at the bottom of the page.