Dolphin Theatres

The quintessential neighbourhood theatre.

Credit: Kristen Hilderman

Dolphin Theatres in Burnaby has everything a neighbourhood cinema should

A great view from every seat in this neighbourhood cinema

Burnaby’s Dolphin Theatres is your quintessential neighbourhood theatre. It’s been through recent renovations and is everything a quaint two-screen cinema should be: cheap, easy on the crowds, family-friendly and stocked with plenty of snacks to go around.

Dolphin Theatres

4555 Hastings St, Burnaby


The elongated, rectangular shape of the theatres means that even if the place is packed—which you probably don’t need to worry about—you’re never stuck in one of those awful side seats. I’ve always wondered why theatres even bother putting seats there, and I guess Dolphin Theatres had the same idea.

Since the renovations, patrons enjoy brand new seats with all the comfort that several layers of foam have to offer. The new seats and the free street parking are enough to sell most people on this neighbourhood cinema.