Vancouver Comic Ivan Decker’s Funny Business

Vancouver’s "Number One Comedian" Ivan Decker stands out thanks to his youthful enthusiasm and unique point of view

Decker was voted Vancouver’s “Number One Comedian” in last year’s Comedy Showdown

Vancouver Comic Ivan Decker is primed for big-time laughs

Vancouver’s comedy scene has grown exponentially over the years, and now boasts a large collection of comics who ply their trade in jokes.

While the very nature of the genre is subjective, funny is funny. And Ivan Decker is one funny guy.

Voted Vancouver’s ‘Number One Comedian’ in last year’s Comedy Showdown, the 26-year-old Decker has been a fixture on comedy stages since 2005. Since then, he’s honed his craft admirably, earning rave reviews along the way.

Discovering His Comedic Gift

“I think the moment I discovered my comedic gene was when I was in the school choir in Grade 5,” recalls Decker.

“One day, the choir got booked to sing on a BC Ferry, because what better way to improve the horribleness of a ferry ride than 30 kids struggling to hit the proper notes of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. It was a really stormy day so the boat was rocking and everyone in the choir almost fell off the stand several times. After our third song the audience didn’t clap. During the silence I said aloud, ‘People watching this are probably getting more enjoyment just watching us try to stay standing!'”

Big laughs from the crowd were enough to make Decker want more.

These days, the Montreal-born Decker is a hot commodity on the comedy circuit, where his observational humour slays audiences

“I try to touch on things that people don’t really think about,” he tells me. “A lot of it is just the way I honestly feel about certain things and I’ve been fortunate that other people feel the same way and we find it funny together. I write jokes that make me laugh because I never want to be on stage and not enjoy the things I’m saying. It seems like sometimes comedians forget to do that and end up hating their act and the quality of performance suffers as a result. My jokes are observational but also have a kind of youthful ridiculousness to them. It’s hard to describe.”

Inspiration from Comedy Legends

While his style may hard to describe, his comedic inspirations are clearly identified.

“It has to be Jerry Seinfeld’s HBO Special I’m Telling You for the Last Time that he put out shortly after his show went off the air,” says Decker. “I remember watching that special air live in my living room with my brothers and we were killing ourselves. We were amazed that someone could take small things like that and make them so hilarious.”

Other big names like Brian Regan, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock also played a role in shaping the young Comedian.

Where to Find Ivan Decker

Among Decker’s available material is a recent live standup performance that was recorded at Vancouver’s Waldorf Hotel and available for HD download online.

“I chose this method because it allows people to buy it for $5 instead of $15 or $20 like most stand-up DVDs”.

If Ivan Decker is not already on your comedy radar, he will be soon. Poised and polished onstage, bestowed with a youthful exuberance, and armed with hilarious material, local audiences are getting a preview of what should be a very successful comedic career.

“Over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to do some TV and radio and people seem to like what I do, which has been great impetus to keep going and for that I’m extremely grateful,” says Decker.

“It’s really rewarding when you work hard on something and people appreciate it.”