Music, burlesque and more at Media Democracy Day 09

Check out Media Democracy Day's live music event at the Railway Thursday.

Credit: Media Democracy Day

Media Democracy Day

Celebrate and support the movement to help democratize the media at Media Democracy Day 09

This Thursday, October 15, if you aren’t headed to the Reel Youth Film Festival or the Vice Magazine 15th Anniversary Party, why not check out the Media Democracy Day 09 event at the Railway Club?

Media Democracy Day 09 promises a night of live local bands, burlesque and more. See local “activista” bands The Wintermitts, Pawnshop Diamond, the greenbelt collective and an opening act by Francis Mantis, plus sexy burlesque performances by Siouxsie Q and Mis Fitt.

It’s $10 at the door, starts at 9 p.m. The Railway Club is at 579 Dunsmuir St. at Seymour. (map)