Ridge Theatre

Vancouver's revered vintage cinema is the only theatre left with a glassed-in room for crying kids and their parents

Credit: Kristen Hilderman

The Ridge Theatre is one of Vancouver’s beloved classic cinemas

The Ridge Theatre is the only theatre left in Vancouver with a glassed-in room for crying kids and their parents


Perched in limbo between laid-back Kerrisdale and trendy Kitsilano, the Ridge Theatre also lies somewhere between old school cinema and the modern movie experience. Since its 1950 opening, the Ridge has remained a pillar in Vancouver’s cinematic landscape.

The Ridge is run by Festival Cinemas and cycles through a mixed lineup of indie, rare, festival, second-run and foreign films on its single screen. High rents and competition from multiplex cinemas have put the the future of this venerable theatre under threat, so take advantage of its eclectic film roster while you can. 


Festival film central

The Ridge Theatre


3131 Arbutus St, Vancouver



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It played host to the 4th Annual French Film Festival last summer, showing a new French film every two weeks over a period of two months. Among its regular movies, events and festival screenings, the Ridge also runs sporadic, one-night-only shows.

The theatre prides itself in having a little bit of the old movie experience—like its glassed-in room for crying infants and parents—with lots of the modern-tech touches. The Ridge has an in-house team of professionally trained technicians and projectionists for a top-quality sound and picture experience.


Unabashedly old school at The Ridge

Compared to its Festival Cinemas counterparts—Fifth Avenue Cinemas and the Park Theatre—the Ridge is slightly more rustic, in that it doesn’t have air conditioning or fancy “love seats.”


Ridge Theatre Vancouver


But don’t forget, with older features comes old school charm. It’s hard not to let out a big “ahhhh” when sinking into the cozy, retro seats. And I dare you not to smile at the charming, half-lit movie sign sitting proudly next to the shiny Meinhardt’s sign next door.

When it comes down to it, the screen is big, the seats are soft, the concession stand has fancy coffees and a great snack selection, and the movies… well, good luck finding most of these titles elsewhere.