The Artwork Hub Features Scott Sueme

Local graffiti artist Scott Sueme is the first to debut his work at the new Artwork Hub.

Credit: Candice Albach

The Network Hub uses its space to showcase up-and-coming Vancouver artists

It was about 2 months ago when the idea of turning the coworking space, The Network Hub, into an art gallery came up. More typically known as a spot where freelancers and entrepreneurs can work for the day beside other like-minded individuals—or socialize in the many weekly workshops and events—The Network Hub decided to use their coworking space to exhibit the works of some of Vancouver’s up-and-coming artists.

The Artwork Hub with Scott Sueme

9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

until May 31
422 Richards St, Vancouver


After friends from the Vancouver arts community mentioned that budget cuts have limited the ability of several art galleries to profile new artists, the owners of The Network Hub decided to experiment with the idea of using their space to exhibit these artists.

The Network Hub has transformed into a space for
local artists to showcase their work. (Image: Candice Albach)


“Why not support local artists by providing exposure to their work using our space? We get to enjoy some great art and be inspired when we come in to work,” says co-founder Jay Catalan.


The idea of an artist showcase quickly became the main project—The Artwork Hub, where different local artists can be showcased at the space throughout the year.

The Artwork Hub debuts with graffiti artist Scott Sueme

After weeks of filtering through submissions, curator Chet Woodside decided to debut The Artwork Hub with Scott Sueme. A talented and respected member of the graffiti community, Scott Sueme is well known for his innovative lettering styles.


For Scott, it all started with an interest in colour theory, abstract painting and creative processes. His artwork is creatively expressed through strong colours and abstractions inspired by his immense graffiti background. You may have seen his impressive collaborative mural on the side of Moda Hotel on Seymour and Smithe, a clear example of his refined, polished work with experimental compounds.

Sueme’s style features strong colours and abstractions (Image: Candice Albach)

Sueme uses a mix of vibrant colours and subtle textures

The art pieces hanging on the walls of The Network Hub display an intricate mix of bold, vibrant colors and subtle textures. Deviating from his more traditional letter work, the more abstract pieces on exhibit strongly convey the power and dynamic energy inherent in cutting edge graffiti work.


Scott Sueme’s showcase will be at The Network Hub until May 31 with viewings between 9am and 5pm on weekdays and by appointment during after hours.

There will be no charge for the exhibition and no commission is taken on any art pieces sold. One hundred percent of the money generated will go back to the artist, but The Network Hub does encourage each artist to donate 10% of the sales to a charity.