The Vancouver burlesque scene

Photographer Trevor Jansen captures the stars of Vancouver's burgeoning burlesque scene.

Credit: Trevor Jansen

Vancouver Burlesque Scene

Photographer Trevor Jansen captures the stars of Vancouver’s burgeoning burlesque scene


The burlesque movement has gained tremendous momentum in Vancouver with weekly shows across town, workshops and burlesque inspired fashion lines.


More than just a vintage-styled strip tease, burlesque is an answer to the male-dominated, vacant-eyed, anatomically enhanced fantasy of femininity. It is a smart and sexy creative outlet for women to explore and perform different ideas of glamour and sensuality. Humour, political commentary and storytelling are also common in these five-minute, fully self-contained theatrical performances. Performances are always a huge hit with the crowd and, to be honest, the girls cheer louder than the boys.

As a photographer, having worked with many burlesque performers, I am constantly inspired by their intelligence, creative rigour and confidence. This community celebrates individuality, positive body image and sexual power in women. These are everyday women (biologists, musicians, bankers and doctors, to name a few professions) who love to play dressup with corsets and garters and indulge their inner bombshell.
Just a word of warning boys, these gals will rock your world.

Vancouver burlesque scene in photos

Be sure to check out my photo gallery below of promo shots I did for various local and international performers.



Vancouver photographer Trevor Jansen

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