This weekend: Bicycle Music Festival rolls to town

Free, all-day (and night) 100 percent bike-powered music festival rolls into Vancouver.

Credit: Flickr / dustinj

Summer may be ending, but don’t lock away your fixie yet!

A free, all day (and into the night) 100 percent bike-powered music festival is rolling into Vancouver this weekend, courtesy of the Ginger Ninjas.

Started in San Francisco, the Bicycle Music Festival aims to “promote sustainable culture in general and bicycle culture in particular, by physically engaging and immersing our community in the magic of bike culture, and cultivating and nurturing a network of local sustainable musicians, [staging] free, community participatory, bicycle-based music events,” according to its website.

Bands play tunes from a bike-pulled stage, amplifying their music through a 2,000-watt, pedal-powered P/A. Billed as “the only festival in the world literally hauling its own weight,” the Bike Music Festival touts four unique qualities on its site:

1.    Human-powered P/A system

2.    Bicycle-mobility of the entire festival

3.    Pilgrimage-style sequential venue schedule

4.    Live On Bike mobile stage


See Ginger Ninjas on Sunday, too!

The Ginger Ninjas will also be showing a slideshow of the Pleasant Revolutionary Tour, 2-4 pm on Sunday, Aug 30, 2009 at the Museum of Vancouver.


Bands and performers include:

Ginger Ninjas


Bear Dyken

Little J

Stitch Craft

Creaking Planks

Aunts and Uncles


Cello Joe

Check the website for more info.

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Pictured above: The Ginger Ninjas perform at the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival.