Vancouver then and now

Chronicling the changing cityscape of Vancouver in photos

Credit: Jeremy Hood

Jeremy Hood recreates hundreds of historical photos for a side-by-side comparison of Vancouver’s ongoing evolution

When I moved to Vancouver two-and-half years ago, I wanted to learn more about its history. I love looking at old photographs, so I started researching Vancouver’s history not only through books, but also from the fabulous online collections of historic photos at the Vancouver Public Library and the City of Vancouver Archives. I began to recreate the interesting shots I found to compare them with the originals.

I’ve now produced nearly 300 Then & Now comparisons from all around the city, with “then” ranging from the late-1880s to the 1980s. Sometimes I use the images as social commentary, but mainly I record the evolution of a building, neighbourhood, people, or even mode of transportation.

I’m particularly fascinated with the history of the Downtown Eastside, as well as the city’s large number of historic buildings that have been unsympathetically renovated or modernized.

Jeremy Hood grew up in Calgary, where he developed a keen interest in local history, but became dismayed at the city’s loss of heritage. His grandmother taught him much about history, and was, and still is, a huge influence. Although photography is just a hobby, he enjoys walking around Vancouver for hours and exploring all of its nooks and crannies. Find all Jeremy’s Then & Now comparisons, plus more, on Flickr under entheos_fog, and stay tuned for a future “then and now” blog. Twitter