BC Celebrity Dads on What Fatherhood Means to Them

Father's Day may be a celebration of manly things, but these celebrity dads will soften your heart with their thoughts on how fatherhood has changed their lives

Chris Gailus, Global BC News Hour anchor

“As Father’s Day approaches, I’m reminded of the strong, loving support I got from my own dad and it inspires me to be the same guiding influence on my son William. Becoming a “daddy” is the most profound, fulfilling experience of my life, and every day I wake up to William’s joyous morning banter (he really is a happy child!) I’m inspired to make sure I am worthy of his love and respect as he grows up, just as my dad is to me.

David Hawksworth, executive chef and restauranteur

“Being able to pass on what I’ve learned in life and help shape the future. There’s nothing better than watching his excited face as he accomplishes so many firsts, and seeing him grow and learn whether it’s skiing, soccer, swimming, spelling or cooking!”

Shaun Verreault, Wide Mouth Mason frontman

“My first year as a papa has been not unlike when I’m on tour: sleeplessness, arranging feedings and dealing with sh**…um, poop. Lately, I’ve been really enjoying discovering the world of sound all over again via Layla. Hearing her freestyle vocalizing along with Ella Fitzgerald, watching her wiggle and dance to her favourites, like Harry Belafonte and Mother Mother, and seeing her strum and explore her guitar (yeah, I got her a little strat already) have been indescribably joyful and inspiring moments for me. Being Layla’s dad has, like the song says, turned my whole world upside down. It’s revealed reserves of patience, energy and wonder I didn’t know I had. It’s the best gig there is.”

Kid Carson, SONiC DJ

“I think if we can teach our kids how to be happy, we’ve set them up for a beautiful life. The challenge is, most of us are slow to figure that out for ourselves!”

Steve Darling, Global BC Morning News

“Fatherhood is the greatest thing in the world, but also very scary. You worry every day about them while trying to let them learn and make their own path in life. Finding balance is the key.”

Rob Feenie, celebrity chef

“Fatherhood and family are everything to me. My wife and my children make every life experience that much richer. I am grateful that I work for a company like Cactus Club that has such a strong life-work philosophy and I am able to balance the most important parts of my life.”

Christopher Gaze, actor and artistic director of Bard on the Beach

“Why, ’tis a happy thing to be the father unto many sons,” says Gaze, quoting Shakespeare. “And if I want to provoke a reaction from them or perhaps mock me a little I suggest to them: To you your father should be as a god!'”, a line from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Patrick Maliha, comedian

“Honestly, there is nothing that can truly prepare you to be a father. But as soon as you become one you must decide — are you going to be the best father you can possibly be, or are you going to run from your responsibilities? Mentally, are you going to finally grow up, or remain a child? I chose to grow up and be the best father I could be. I’m not a perfect dad, but I try my best. In return, my children have made me happier than I’ve ever been in my life. Not a bad deal, when you think about it.”

Mike Killeen, CTV News anchor

“I can’t imagine not being a dad. Becoming a father almost 20 years ago (yikes!) changed everything. The best part has been watching Ryan and Sean grow from adorable little boys to confident, engaging and charming young men. Their mom, my wife Jill, deserves all the credit!”

Dave Genn, 54/40 guitarist

“Having three babies in three years has ensured that every moment of every waking hour is now electric, filled with endless innocent curiosity and laughter, as well as the occasional toddler tantrum or bathroom emergency. The most monumental change that fatherhood has provided me has simply been a new and complete understanding of what true, undeniable love is. When I look into my children’s faces I feel a sense of responsibility and purpose that wasn’t there before, and it feels wonderful!”

Bernie Clark, yogi master and author

“Life comes from the mother; life’s essential lessons are what a father can provide. While mothers are full of soul, fathers can inspire and fill us with spirit. Their wisdom is unique and priceless and through their love they give freely what they have learned to help us find our way in this mysterious and oft-times scary world.”

BC Celebrity Dads on Fatherhood