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B.C. Celebs Reveal Their Favourite Apps

B.C.'s brightest share their apps-solute musts

Need to freshen up your phone? The province’s favourite celebs explain what apps they can’t live without

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Katharine Isabelle, Actress, Hannibal, American Mary

“I love Songza. I am too lazy to ever make my own playlist and they have the best ones. My personal favourites? ‘Girl, Hold My Earrings,’ ‘A Stiff Drink in a Dark Place’ and ‘Your Own ‘80s Training Montage.’”

Erin Cebula, TV personality, Entertainment Tonight Canada

“My favourite – by far – is Instagram. I’ve always loved taking pictures and because I am often on the road, this app makes me feel connected to my friends and family. And let’s be honest… that’s what it’s all about.”

James Sutton, Radio personality, The Peak FM

“My favourite app has to be Cribbage Pro. I come from a big family and as soon as we are together, the crib board comes out. My uncles never let us win as kids when we were learning so I like to stay sharp – even in the bathroom! Oh, and I kind of love Twitter as well. Feel free to follow me @jamesbwsutton.”

Fiona Forbes, TV personality, The Rush

“The Nike+ running app has really gotten me into running again. It tracks your pace and progress and is fun and encouraging. It also syncs up to your iTunes playlists so you can play your fave music while you’re pounding the pavement. It also has a great little social media aspect where you can challenge friends and cheer each other on. My other favourite app is Uber, which I can use in every other major city except here in Vancouver! Can someone get on it so we can get Uber back in Vancouver? It’s like having your own car service at your fingertips.”

Lorraine Pond (right), Musician and entertainer, Bobs and Lolo

“There are so many great family-friendly apps covering everything from educational and interactive gaming to family-meal planning and photo fun. One of our favourites is OnTheGoKids, which is a super time saver for busy parents on the lookout for family-oriented events and activities. The database is constantly getting updated, making it easy to find a variety of new things to do. Available for both android and iOS too. Bonus!”

Karen Khunkhun, Radio personality, The Fox 99.3 FM

“Picking a favourite app is beyond tough! There are so many that I rely on. Without Google Maps, I’d literally be lost. Twitter keeps me on top of all of the latest while Instagram generates inspiration. So glad I finally joined both this spring! The Mint app is amazing for tracking budgeting, spending and financial goals while on the go. One of my favourite local apps is the BC Liquor one. With this app, you scan the bottle you are enjoying and it will tell you how much it retails for and where it’s available. Perfection.”

Claire Newell, Travel expert and Global TV personality

Gate Guru! I love this app for keeping all my flights and current and future travel plans in one place. You can find pretty much any airport info you need: maps, weather forecasts, airport tips and amenities. My favourite feature of this app is definitely the ‘Your Travel Stats’ feature. It’s a fun way to track your travels – how many miles you’ve flown, how many airports you’ve visited and more.”

Shaun Verreault, Juno Award-nominated singer-songwriter, Wide Mouth Mason

“The app I use the most around Vancouver is Pay By Phone parking. It stores your payment and vehicle info so that all you do is enter the meter location and length of time, click confirm and you’re set. It also alerts you when your time is almost up, giving you the option of adding more minutes remotely. While change can be good, having to find it isn’t always convenient.”

Erin Ireland, Owner of To Die For Fine Foods and Food Reporter

“I love Street Food App. It allows you to locate food trucks on the fly. Sometimes I pull over while driving to check for a location and then re-route in the direction of good food. Because locations vary, you never know where they are unless you check the app!”

Jaycelyn Brown, Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter, Said the Whale

“I’m in love with Pinterest! It has so many ideas for what I’m interested in these days: recipes, fashion, DIY projects and gardening. Plus, it’s easy to use by scrolling through the categories or using the search bar at the top. Watch out. It’s addictive!”

Ann Luu, TV Personality, CTV Morning Live

“My favourite app is mSecure. Yes, a bit geeky but this handy, little app makes sure all of my passwords are secure and stored in one place along with all of my usernames and different accounts. I could not live without it because I wouldn’t be able to log into any of my profiles! From banking to social media, everything I need is in this one app.”

Dawn Chubai, TV personality, Breakfast Television

“I love the Yellow Cab app. I book my trip and it tells me which cab is on the way. I can even track where it is. It lets you know when the cab has arrived too so it’s way better than making a call and waiting… and waiting.”

Jonny Staub, Radio personality, The Beat 94.5 FM

“I know this sounds super dorky but I can’t live without the Wikipedia app! I seriously always need to know about the most random stuff and I’m constantly checking it.”

Kid Carson, Radio personality, Sonic 104.9 FM

“I love the app called LOVE by Tiny Buddha. It generates random quotes, affirmations and questions to make you think. Might sound cheesy, but with thousands of BS messages hitting our subconscious all day, the notifications help course-correct your thinking as you need it. And I definitely need it some days! After all, you are what you think about, right?”

Laurie Logan, Radio personality, Z95.3 FM

“One of my favorite apps is Yelp. Before trying a new restaurant, spa or hairdresser, I always check it to see what kind of reviews the place has. I love that it shows me the hours, phone number and pictures right on the first page – plus a link to find directions. I just hope the majority of the reviews on the site are actually true!”

Mary Zilba, Singer and TV Personality, The Real Housewives of Vancouver

“My favourite app is Plugshare! I am a proud owner of a Tesla and therefore I am in need of charge stations every once in a while. Plugshare shows me every local charge station in whatever vicinity I am in at the time. I can’t live without it or I’d be stranded! The value is in the peace of mind knowing that I am never too far from an electric charger.”