BCBusiness Magazine’s 30 Under 30 Awards Photos

Inside BCBusiness Magazine's 30 under 30 event 

Credit: Paul Duchart 

Sunny Lenarduzzi, Sunny D Entertainment CEO; her mom, Deanne Lenarduzzi; Kim Lenarduzzi; and Bob Lenarduzzi, Vancouver Whitecaps FC president

Credit: Peter Duchart 

Robert Brimacombe, Corus Entertainment senior account manager; and Peter Legge, Canada Wide Media Ltd. chairman and CEO

Miguel Kudry, HelpHub Services Inc. founder/CEO; and his girlfriend, Xabrina Estevez, Westcoast Sightseeing guest services supervisor

Steven Sinclair, BenefitDeck Consulting Ltd. benefits specialist; and William Johnson, BC Innovation Council communications specialist

Lauren Box, Wolfgang Commercial Painters office manager; and Mark Webb, Shack Shine (North Shore) GM

Margery Moore, Bloomberg-BNA director of environmental strategic alliances; Catherine Evans, Vancouver Park Board commissioner; and Heather Deal, City of Vancouver councilor

Chris Redcliffe, Redcliffe & Co. president and CEO; and Aaron Lightman, Mogan Daniels Slager LLP lawyer

Nick Seto, Target Tape Inc. co-founder; and his sister, Lauren Seto, Smythe LLP marketing co-ordinator

Hilary Chan-Kent, INF Influencer Agency co-founder and director of brands; and Kasondra Cohen-Herrendorf, Face of Today Foundation founder

Cassandra Chan; and her fiancé, Wilson Lee, Wun2Free Entertainment founder and CEO

Charlene Rooke, BCBusiness publisher and Canada Wide Media chief content officer; and KD Khairah, Destinationone Consulting Inc. founder and CEO

Oliver Lam, BCBusiness managing editor; Michael Small, Kit and Ace senior editor; and Janine Verreault, BCLiving editor

Royal Roads University recruitment manager Mehgan Cabrera addresses the crowd

Peter Legge, Canada Wide Media Ltd. chairman and CEO, speaks to the crowd

Matt O’Grady, BCBusiness editor-in-chief, addresses the crowd

Emcees Matt O’Grady, BCBusiness editor-in-chief; and Sonia Sunger, Global BC news anchor

Emcees Sonia Sunger, Global BC news anchor; and Matt O’Grady, BCBusiness editor-in-chief

Wisam Abdulla, Rise CEO and co-founder; and Billie Jo Aasen, 542 Entertainment Inc. owner and president

30 under 30 at the Vancouver Club

Nancy Deen, Divine Intervention media relations; and Pardeep Jassal, BCBusiness account manager