Red Carpet Looks from The Golden Globe Awards: Gasps and Guffaws

A review of the fashion hits and misses that graced the red carpet at this year's Golden Globe Awards

Credit: HFPA

The Golden Globes red carpet never fails to deliver an array of fashion hits and misses – and this year was no exception

As usual, the celebrities and nominees attending this year’s Golden Globes gave us pause, either to catch our breath from all the beauty or else groan in incredulity when it came to how they dressed for what is deemed the biggest night in Hollywood awards shows.

Most of the A-list ladies favoured strapless gowns this year, but the ones who really stood out went for halter or plunging necklines. Crystal embellishments were everywhere, but most interesting was the glaring absence of Pantone’s colour-of-the-year, Marsala – could the forecast have missed the mark this time?

Hollywood’s best-dressed gents went with classic tuxedos, in lean silhouettes and luxe fabrics, which can make even the shortest actor (read: nearly all of them) look downright towering, while some actors had a little more fun with their looks.

Hits and misses? Plenty. And I’ll start with the latter, since that’s really why you’re reading this…

Credit: HFPA

Rosamund Pike

First off, props to Rosamund Pike for her post-baby bod just weeks after giving birth. That doesn’t mean however, that she can wear any ol’ gown, and this white Vera Wang was a baaaad idea. If the dress had a name, I’d call it ‘white knuckling it’ with its hanging-by-a-thread straps that offer no support to what looks like an ill-fitting nursing bra. The stylist in me just wants to yank it up under her arms – or better yet, start over with a gown that actually, y’know, fits.

Credit: HFPA

Emily Blunt

Someone clearly talked Emily Blunt into this Greek-goddess getup by Michael Kors. Since when do The Globes have a toga-party theme? The criss-crossed bandage-wrapped bodice does nothing for her bust line, plus the garish earrings makes zero sense paired with this. Even Aphrodite would cringe.

Credit: HFPA

Keira Knightley

Even Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld can have a bad day it appears. This gown looks like an ’80s Home Ec project gone terribly, terribly wrong. Rule of thumb when choosing a red-carpet look? If it looks like you made it yourself, give it a pass.

Credit: HFPA

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Lucky ladies! As hosts of the show, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler got to change numerous times throughout the broadcast, which allowed them to make up for their red-carpet looks, both disasters. Tina’s odd strapless champagne and black gown wore her rather than the other way around, and what was with that horizontal seam that made it look like a short dress had length added to it? Amy’s royal blue gown would inspire any MOB (Mother Of the Bride), and made her look thick in the middle and frumpy.

Credit: HFPA

Amal Alamuddin Clooney

Lovely, brainy (loved Tina Fey’s comments about how Amal’s husband was the one getting the Lifetime Achievement award?!) and with great taste in men – Amal Alamuddin Clooney does not have the same discerning taste in accessories. I simply could not get past the long white debutante gloves. It’s not even retro-ironic. It’s just… not.

Credit: HFPA

Jennifer Aniston


Credit: HFPA

Kerry Washington

OK, this one is like taking candy from a baby – so bad it’s good. A quirky gown I can get behind. This however? I think designer Mary Katrantzou and Kerry Washington’s stylist must have had a bet going about whether they could get the Scandal star to actually wear it. A pink and purply blue ’80s prom dress that looks like it is made out of stiff, foil wrapping paper, paired with black and red shoes?! I like the dress Molly Ringwald made for herself in Pretty in Pink much better.

Credit: HFPA

Jennifer Lopez

Jen, we’re done with the signature J.Lo look: spray tan, shiny face, nude lip, smoky eyes, and channeling the Versace gown you wore to the Grammys 15 years ago. The slashed neckline that allows for a peek at whatever is the opposite of side-boob, is tired (not to mention ouch!). We can see that wire poking into what Jeremy Renner referred to as your own Golden Globes. Let’s reinvent, m’kay?

Credit: HFPA

So who had it goin’ on then? Here, the hits – the celebs who wore it with style

Reese Witherspoon

Champagne bugle beads on a strapless gown, side-swept hair, rocking that whole blonde-on-blonde thing, Reese Witherspoon is perfection.

Credit: HFPA

Maggie Gyllenhaal

In a Miu Miu strapless gown, in a shade of rose no one else wore, I loved Best Actress winner Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Honourable Woman) with her cropped hair and tiny earrings, shunning the big statement necklace that many would have added. No need to cover up all that lovely skin showing.

Credit: HFPA

Emma Stone

Emma Stone got some heat for this look, but I love it – it suits her personality and style. If you don’t rock a look like this when you’re her age (26), when do you? A dazzling, embellished strapless top is paired with black pants – and yes, there is a giant bow on her butt. But I see no problem. Emma’s smoky ‘big eyes’ earned her some ribbing by the Tina/Amy team during the opening monologue, which she laughed it off as like a girl who can both dish it out and take it.

Credit: HFPA

Jessica Chastain

In a sea of strapless necklines, this deep halter neck stands out. Sculptural and stunning in bronze, likely inspired by Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot, our favorite gingie actress shone in Atelier Versace.

Credit: HFPA

Julianne Moore

In metallic and feathery fabulousness by Givenchy, this brilliantly talented Globe-winning actress proves once again that she can pull off anything.

Credit: HFPA

Felicity Jones

Teal – so unexpected, and it makes me like Felicity Jones even more. Dior dressed the star in a classic Old Hollywood cut, and she pulled it off with confidence. Well done.

Credit: HFPA

Alan Cumming

The Good Wife’s favourite spin doctor went nude in monochromatic Calvin Klein. The high-top kicks aren’t wasted on me either. Alan Cumming is an artist – and he makes sure we never forget it.