Local Celebs Share Their Favourite Beaches in Vancouver

Which way to the beach? Let local personalities lead you to their go-tos

Which way to the beach? Let our local celebrities lead you

There’s nothing better than spending time at the beach, especially in Vancouver. With long stretches of sand, picture-perfect views and lots of outdoor activities to choose from, this city definitely boasts some of the best beaches in the country. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to soak up the sunshine, take your dog for a stroll or play sports with friends, there’s an oceanside destination in Vancouver for everyone.

Click through to see where local celebrities love enjoying their summer days…

Credit: Casey-Jo Loos 

Casey-Jo Loos, Afternoon Radio Host and Assistant Music Director at 102.7 The PEAK

Secret Beach

“My favourite Vancouver beach is *shhhush* Secret Beach (OK, it’s not really a secret). This spot is west of Kits Beach at the end of Trafalgar Road, and has been a fave of mine for the last few years I’ve lived in Vancouver because you get the best sunsets around. And it has a dangerously sweet rope swing to play on!

“While it’s increasingly become more “Top 40” in the last year or so, it still isn’t as busy as others. You won’t be disappointed to check it out! And mandatory PSA: If you’re visiting Secret Beach, or any other Vancouver gem, take your trash with you so we can keep enjoying these beautiful spots! For more sunset pics follow me on instagram.”

Credit: Erin Ireland 

Erin Ireland, Food Reporter

Kits Beach Park

“My dog Effie and I share a favourite beach, Kits Beach Park, which I’m convinced is the happiest place on earth. At any given time, there are a handful of dogs who are galloping the sandy shores, playing in the water or simply enjoying the ocean breeze. Sometimes Effie, her dad Darren and I like to bring a coffee or a scoop of Rain or Shine’s vegan ice cream down to sit, relax, enjoy the view and each other.”

Credit: Laurie Logan 

Laurie Logan, Mid-day Radio Host on 96.9 JACK FM

Wreck Beach

“My favourite beach is Wreck Beach. The water is clean, the beach is beautiful and the vibe is unlike anything you’ll experience in Vancouver.

“The hike to the beach is a good 20 minute trek through towering trees, and when you finally arrive on the sand you will be absolutely blown away by its beauty and its quirkiness.

“Yep, clothing is optional at Wreck Beach so be prepared to witness a fair amount of wobbly bits while relaxing, swimming, and bronzing those tan lines away! If you want to escape, try Wreck beach. It’s definitely an experience.”

Credit: Fiona Forbes

Fiona Forbes, Award-winning Host and Television Producer

Kits Beach

“Kits is my absolute favourite beach. It’s why it’s also the neighbourhood I call home! Kits Beach is definitely where I get in my Zen time. I can be found walking my tiny dog Chewbacca there a few times a week and it’s also a great place to go for a run. It can get a little crazy in the summertime, but i have my little secret spots I like to go to enjoy the view and get some fresh air.”

Credit: Grant Lawrence 

Grant Lawrence, CBC Personality and Writer

Bikini Beach

“In a city filled with awesome beaches, my all-time favourite has to Bikini Beach, a sandy gem hidden in plain sight. Bikini Beach is sandwiched halfway between English Bay and Second Beach, right at the entrance of Stanley Park. It also happens to be Vancouver’s greatest swimming beach, mostly because of its incline (it gets deep fast as opposed to having to wade out for miles) and boasts amazingly warm water.

“According to the regulars who have hung out hereliterallyfor over half a century, the beach earned its unofficial name when bikinis originally weren’t allowed on English Bay Beach. The bikini-clad bathers gathered on this excellent little strip of sand, out of the line of sight of the lifeguards. They’re still here, and on some of the best days of the summer, so am I.”

Credit: Natalie Langston 

Natalie Langston, TV Host/Producer/Journalist

Kits Beach

“I love being able to ride my bike to Kits Beach in the summertime. My route through Olympic Village and Granville Island over to Kits is one of the most gorgeous rides you can take. You have the mountains, the city and the incredible views of the bay.

“Kits has everything you could want: swimming in the ocean or the saltwater pool, running along the beach, standup paddleboarding, windsurfing, boating, rollerblading, tennis, basketball and beach volleyball. You can let your dogs off their leash at Hadden Park; there’s a playground for kids to play and a concession where you can get some snacks.

“Head up to West 4th to Rain and Shine for some homemade ice cream that’s local and natural with some vegan options as well. The palm trees give the feel that you’re a world away, giving you a bit of a Venice Beach vibe.

“When you’ve worked up an appetite, the Boathouse Waterfront is an excellent spot to watch the sunset while you dine.

“Walk up to Cornwall and there is a gamut of restaurants that are perfect for Sunday brunch. My favourites are Local and Chewies.

“Often in the summer you will find me frolicking on the beach or doing some yoga out on my paddleboard.”

Suzette Amaya, Host of ThinkNDN on CFRO 100.5FM, Motivational Speaker and Big Brother Canada Season 1

Second Beach

“Summer has arrived in Vancity and I am so pleased to share my favourite beach in our beautiful city. Even though it’s cliché and in a highly touristy area of Stanley Park, time and time again I find myself taking my children to Second Beach.

“As a true city girl, Second Beach has all the bells and whistles of an urban beach. The romance of getting sun-kissed by the beach or poolside, the sounds of children’s laughter and the curiosity of what’s under those rocks (baby crabs, perhaps?), this beach screams memories of my childhood.

“For our family of five, Second Beach has all the entertainment of street performers, chasing seagulls away from your picnic area, couples getting a little risqué, naked babies being chased by their parents and, of course, canonballs in the pool!

Follow me for summer highlights @SuzetteAmaya.”

Credit: Steve Bays 

Paul Anthony, Actor/Comedian/Host of Talent Time

All the Beaches

“I rarely go to the same beach twice. That’s the beauty of Vancouver. You can get on your bike, hit the seawall and just cruise in any direction. When you get a cramp in your leg, you stop. Guess what? You’re at a beach.

“I don’t even know the names of most beaches. This is the beach I ate cold pizza at. That one, I read one chapter of Lenny Bruce’s How to Talk Dirty and Influence People. There’s a hollow log somewhere between Kits and Jericho Beach that I spent the night in many years ago, like a hippy coffin.

“My point is: this city has so many incredibly beautiful spots. I urge you all to get on foot or get on a bike and just explore.”

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