Vancouver Celebs Reveal Their Favourite Halloween Costumes

Local personalities share photos of their most memorable getups

Robyn Hardy, Musician, Bobs & LoLo

Orville Redenbacher and Popcorn

“Last year was one of my favourite Halloween costumes, as it was my first Halloween with my daughter. We decided to combine my favourite food with my favourite new person into a fun and easy Halloween costume! A baby carrier, some cardboard and felt, and some fresh-popped popcorn was all we needed to bring this costume to life.”

Jillian Harris, Former Bachelorette and Co-host of Love It or List It Vancouver


“My mom dressed me up as a witch almost every year and I loved it – I rarely switched it up. I didn’t want to go as any popular characters like the other kids… every year it was a witch. Mom would joke with me when I was misbehaving that I was her little witch and we would always have a good laugh at it. I don’t know why it’s always been my favourite… must be the little witch in me!”

Kevin Lim and Sonia Sidhu,102.7 The PEAK Mornings

Sexy Robin and Poop Emoji

“Last Halloween on PEAK Mornings, we decided to let the other person choose what we would have to wear on Halloween. The costumes were revealed for the first time to each other live on the air: Kevin was speechless when Sonia revealed a women’s sexy Robin costume for him to wear. Meanwhile, Sonia screamed with joy when she got to become her favourite emoji with Kevin’s homemade Smiling Poop Emoji costume. Listeners on-air and online loved the bit so much, we’ve (foolishly) decided to do it again this Halloween.”

Todd Talbot, Host of Love It or List It Vancouver

Frozen and Ironman

“The Talbots take over the cast of Frozen with special guest star, Ironman, for security! For the other three, it’s costumes on a weekly basis, especially with my wife’s amazingly popular My Little Birthday Princess party planning, but for me it’s either Halloween or when someone pays me! Although, this was a fun costume ‘cause nobody could see my face.”

Grant Lawrence, CBC Personality

Chocolate Chip Cookie and Milk

“We live on a ‘festive street’ in East Vancouver, meaning holidays like Christmas and Halloween are really, REALLY big deals. On Halloween, we can get the upwards of 800+ trick-or-treaters knocking on our door. No joke! I always try to dress up as something non-offensive/non-creepy to get into the spirit (usually Tintin… that’s not creepy, right? Some of my friends strongly disagree.). Ever since my son Joshua was born in 2013, he and I have been dressing up in tandem, whether he likes it or not. For his first Halloween, he was a shark and I was a snorkeler. We pretty much nailed it. Last year, it was even sweeter: Joshua was a chocolate chip cookie (my favourite food) and I was a glass of milk. There isn’t a costume contest on our street, but if there was, I’m pretty sure we would have won. This year we’re returning to the oceanic theme: Josh will be the orca, I’ll be the kayaker. Happy Halloween!”

Shawn Hook, International Recording Artist

Black-eyed ‘P’

“One of my most memorable Halloweens was the year I went to Adam Levine’s party at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery dressed as a black-eyed ‘P’. I was clearly aiming for the dad-joke enthusiasts out there with this one and I certainly hit my mark.”

Karen Khunkhun, Morning Show Host, The Jeff O’Neil Show on 99.3 The Fox

Butterfly Princess and Pet Deer

“Halloween is my jam! It is my favourite holiday (tied with Christmas). The anticipation of the 31st starts in the spring – that’s when I start contemplating costume ideas. I’ve done all the basics: an angel, devil, pirate, cat, punk… Over the years, the highlights include: Nicole Ritchie to my BF’s Paris, A Hochtaler lady (which I had to explain to everyone), Kat Von D complete with drawn on tattoo’s from a local makeup artist and Bev Oda (that Canadian politician that ordered a $16 orange juice). Now that I have a little one it’s even more fun because she is as obsessed with the costume craziness as I am, so I can justify dressing up year-round. Here’s a picture of us from last year. She was a butterfly princess and I was her pet deer.”

Shaun Verreault, Singer/Guitar Player, Wide Mouth Mason

Kenny Rogers

“You got to know when to hold ‘em. Know when to fold ‘em. Know when to walk away. And know when to ply your hairstylist friend with wine so she’ll come over and try to cut and feather the plastic fronds of a cheap Moses wig into the Gambler’s famous hair helmet. Kind of like trying to comb uncooked spaghetti, but I think she did an admirable job.

“The song The Gambler came out all the way back in 1978, yet everywhere I went that Hallow’s Eve in the mid-aughts, people yelled out “Kenny!” A white hairdo and beard could be lots of characters, from Santa to Ronnie Hawkins to Gandalf, but even when I wasn’t standing next to my wife, who was sporting a stunningly spot on Dolly Parton persona, people knew exactly what condition my condition was in. There’s just something about the Zen of Ken.”

Casey-Jo Loos, 102.7 The PEAK FM

Girl in White Dress with Blue Satin Sash

“The best/worst Halloween costume I ever had was at the ripe age of six or seven… I decided to go as a ‘Girl In White Dress With A Blue Satin Sash’ straight up out of The Sound Of Music. To this day, I have never watched the entire movie and it may have been a former ballet costume of mine. Creativity points times zero, but a win for trick-or-treating since all the adults loved the reference (see: full-sized chocolate bars). My younger sister Chelsea was a starfish. She knew what was up. Worst couple costume ever!”

Nira Arora, Morning Show Host, 94.5 Virgin Radio

Poison Ivy from Batman

“This is one of my favourite costumes: Poison Ivy. I’ve always loved her character. She’s a villain, but you see she has that goodness in her. She’s playful and naughty and has GREAT HAIR! Plus, my boys loved it. They are obsessed with super heroes!”

Laurie Logan, 96.9 JACK FM On-Air 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and NEWS 1130 Community Reporter


“My best costume was the she-devil one I wore to the Escape Wonderland outdoor rave a few years ago about an hour outside of L.A. The costume isn’t my favourite because It was super creative or funny, but because we had the best time that night and now have some really great memories! It was a completely spontaneous decision to go just two days before. The day of the party we flew to L.A, hopped in a limo and had some drinks on the way to San Bernardino to party with 45,000 other festival goers.”