Pat Kelly on Where to Catch Great Comedy, Live Music and, if you Must, an Oilers Game

The CBC Radio producer also has a tip on the best restaurant bathroom to hang out in.


Where do the cool people go in Vancouver?

Granville asks in-the-know locals for their go-to eat, drink and be merry spots in our weekly “It People” series


Pat Kelly, creative director of Pike Ideas and producer of This Is That on CBC Radio One


My favourite place to go for pints is The Narrow. The reason is I lived in Toronto for 10 years, and although I am thrilled to live in Vancouver now, I miss the Toronto bars. It reminds me of so many places there, the kind of place that always has people in it, plays good music and you can chat away the hours. Vancouver needs more places like The Narrow.


I also like Six Acres in Gastown. It is the perfect place to go on a double date—they have the perfect combination of food and drink selection. I particularly like going to the bathroom and hearing the old radio dramas that they have playing over the speakers. It makes you want to stay in the loo a little longer than necessary!


Although the Biltmore is primarily a music venue, I love riding my bike there to watch comedy and have some drinks. Paul Anthony’s Talent Time is not only a highly entertaining show, it provides a great sense of community.


Being an Edmonton Oilers hockey fan, The Black Frog in Gastown is the best place to watch a game. It is the official Oilers bar in Vancouver.


When I was younger, I always fantasized about being an adult and meeting people for a drink after work. Every time I go to The Whip after work, my dream is realized. It is a great place to go and vent and transition from work to friend time.


A great way to spend a rainy Sunday night is to go and watch Vancouver’s best improv group, The Sunday Service. Burger, beer and laughter… doesn’t get much better.



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