Paul Grunberg on his Love for Pickled Beets with Eggs and his Neighbours at The Diamond

 L'Abattoir owner Paul Grunberg divulges where he gets his after work food and drinks.


Where do the cool people go in Vancouver?

Granville asks in-the-know locals for their go-to eat, drink and be merry spots in our weekly “It People” series

Paul Grunberg, co-owner of L’Abattoir:

After opening L’Abattoir restaurant last summer, it’s rare that I have the pleasure of going out and socializing. When I do it’s most often post-shift, across the street, at the Diamond. Few barstools in the city compete when it comes to a little after-work food and drink.


I usually end up eating gyoza or pickled beets with eggs, drinking a handcrafted cocktail or a whiskey and beer. The Diamond’s service is unpretentious, and the atmosphere is incredible. The people watching isn’t too bad either!