Scott Hawthorn on Good Food in Intimate Spaces and Men’s Shopping in Vancouver

Sitting atop a fiefdom of Gastown gastropubs, the restaurateur shares his picks for quality food with a side of people watching.


Where do the cool people go in Vancouver?

Granville asks in-the-know locals for their go-to eat, drink and be merry spots in our weekly “It People” series


Scott Hawthorn, co-owner of Salt Tasting Room and co-founder of Al Fresco


Salt Tasting Room, Judas Goat Taberna, Six Acres, Irish Heather, The Narrow and Campagnolo, all for their good simple food, small intimate spaces, and curious and engaging clientele.


And for clothes and stuff: Roden Gray, Lark, Inventory and Mr. Lee’s General Store.



Tina Krueger Kulic for Sad Mag


Tina Krueger Kulic is a Vancouver photographer who loves to capture people in their element. She is fascinated by Vancouver’s many personalities and appreciates it for all of its quirks. You can see more of her work at